Comings and Goings, Regulars and Shorts

Comings & Goings: February 2012

By catalyst

What’s new around town.

Roz Newmark, Charlotte Bell, and Sonia Witte (l-r) have formed a new group called Salt Lake Yoga Collective. The three teachers share a commitment to teaching small classes with personalized attention focusing on the individual growth of their students. Each teacher offers classes at the International Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Institute at 865 East 500 South while supporting each other’s work through referrals, sharing of space and supplies and publishing a combined schedule.

Café SuperNatural is the third restaurant for chef Ian Brandt (Sage’s Café and Vertical Diner being the other two). Located in the northwest quadrant of Trolley Square, the new café offers a plant-based, peanut- and gluten-free menu with raw, steamed or lightly cooked foods. . Cafe SuperNatural continues with the same core philosophy as the other cafes by using local produce and organic products, holding a zero waste policy, and by providing diners with a healthful way to eat sustainably. But what sets it apart from Sage’s, Vertigo Diner and every other restaurant in SLC (save Omar’s Rawtopia) is its totally non-gluten menu.

Brandt says Cafe SuperNatural was designed to fit into a relatively new genre of food called Spa Cuisine, which is food that you can eat after your yoga session for example, without feeling as if you negated your workout. In fact, it’s meant to feed your body in a way that enhances your workout. The preparation methods are lighter, using little oil, and stay away from high heat by using steam for non-raw dishes. Many of the recipes use super foods that heal your body and work with your natural energy to make you feel better. The cafe also serves fresh pressed juices, smoothies, coffee/tea, elixirs and shakes.

For those of you who haven’t seen all the new building going on at Trolley Square, you may not easily find Cafe SuperNatural. The closest entrance is off 600 S, northwest of Desert Edge Brew Pub. Café SuperNatural is open daily.

Chile, sage, sweet juniper, whisky—the things people do with chocolate these days. The tastes of the Southwest are what’s helping make the Red Desert Candy Company in Torrey, Utah a success. Along with its affiliate, Castle Rock Cafe, the candy company was named the 2011 Wayne County Business of the Year by the County Association of Governments for increasing jobs and boosting the county’s economy.

In January, Yoga Path moved to a new studio space at 866 East 123rd South in Draper. In celebration of their move, they are expanding their schedule to accommodate our busy lives.

Get your dance on with Ecstatic Dance at its new home, Prana Yoga in Trolley Square. Their schedule remains the same, dancing every first and third Sat., 7pm-9pm.

Sam Weller Books on Main Street was a mainstay for book-lovers for decades. That store recently relocated to the southwest quadrant of Trolley Square. The new name is Weller Book Works.

Pinnacle Performance has moved to a spacious new studio at 1515 South 100 East in Sugar House. Pinnacle incorporates components of Pilates, Gyrotonic, yoga, functional training and other modalities. It is also a host site for Polestar Pilates education and certification. Acupuncture, massage, meditation, nutritional consultation, and Feldenkrais classes are also available.

Last month CATALYST’s idol Bill Moyers returned to KUED TV with an hour-long Sunday morning talkshow, “Moyers & Company.” The show features conversations with scholars, artists, activists, scientists, philosophers and newsmakers who bring insight and meaning to important topics. The best parts are Moyers’ own insights on society and government.

“In a multimedia marketplace saturated with shallow sound bites and partisan name-calling, Moyers & Company digs deeper,” says KUED’s Mark Dickson.

“I’m coming back because in tumultuous times like these I relish the company of people who try to make sense of the tumult,” Moyers writes in an online letter to his fans.

“Journalism has long been for me a continuing course in adult education. Given what’s happening in this country, it’s time to sign up for more classes. The lack of civility and common sense that has paralyzed our democracy, the vast economic and social inequality that sends both left and right raging into the streets, the corrosive influence of money in politics – we’re in a tailspin with little hope for a course correction from our elected leadership or corporate-dominated media. The need for voices of reason, simple and eloquent, has rarely been stronger.”

We’re with you, Bill. Tune in Sundays, 11 a.m., at KUED, Channel 7.

After some 33 years at the old Garfield Elementary School, the Visual Art Institute (VAI) has relocated to 2901 S. Highland Drive, in the building formerly occupied by Exotica Imports. The 34-year-old nonprofit provides high-quality art classes to children, teens and adults.

This article was originally published on February 2, 2012.