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Coach Jeannette: LOA & the Environment

By Jeannette Maw

Using the Law of Attraction to manifest more than good parking.
by Jeanette Maw
Can we use the Law of Attraction to get more than just good parking spots or a quick seat at our favorite restaurant? Could we expand our individual manifesting power to create a healthy planet? Many are now asking whether it's possible to regenerate a flourishing and thriving planet with our power of thought.

The answer is within you.

New possibilities exist now that many are becoming aware that their thoughts and feelings strongly affect everyone's lives. Author James Twyman recently commented, "It's as if the mass population is finally ready to open up to the possibility that we have the power to create not only our individual lives and everything that we want therein, but also to create a collective experience that reflects our highest dream."

Although we've had this power all along, not being conscious of  it meant we tended to manifest our fears rather than our desires. This awakening allows us to create what we've always wanted-for ourselves, our families, and most importantly, our world.

So where do we start and how does it work? Here's a big picture look at how you can use your individual attraction abilities to nurture the planet.

Powerful trio

I remember the approach I took in my environmental activist days. I saw what was "wrong," felt awful about it, and knew someone needed to do something fast. I joined the fight against irresponsible corporations, urged the government to pass the right laws, and was contemptuous toward those who weren't helping.

Can you sense my vibration throughout that activity? Frustration, worry, resentment, "pushing against" … It wasn't energy that allowed or contributed to good things happening.

We do our part to recycle here, carpool there. Some of us take those actions with the underlying feeling that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Others take action with hope and optimism that change is afoot. Can you feel the difference in the energy? What vibrations are you flowing?

 Your power to effect change lies here: Align your thoughts, feelings and actions in the direction of your desired result. It's that simple.

Point your thoughts, direct your feelings and take action toward what you want, rather than against what you don't want. It's not enough to take the responsible actions and condemn others while you do so. Then you're just polluting the environment with your thoughts.

It also doesn't help to wish for the best without living in alignment with that world you want to experience. If all the while your undercurrent of feeling is that the planet is doomed, you're adding power to a doomed planet-regardless of whatever actions you take.

Aligning your thoughts, feelings and actions to heal the planet is a powerful trio that will make the difference.

What world are you creating?

Paraphrasing Nobel Prize winning physicist Karl Pribram, "There's nothing outside of you that isn't you." His quantum mechanics research indicates we create pictures in our brain and project them outward. (Kind of like Star Trek's holodeck.)

If it's true that everything happening outside of us is a projection from within, then all we observe is in harmony with who we are. In order to change what you see in the world, you must change within.

Which means saving the planet is an inside job.

That might seem a difficult concept to embrace. After all, how could I affect the actions of all the corporations and six billion other people who are destroying Earth? What does any of that have to do with me?

If you see a world that each day grows shorter on natural resources, experiences more natural disasters, and generally shows the negative effects of the destructive human race, what does that have to do with you?

Is it possible you aren't honoring your own natural resources? Perhaps your life is littered with personal disasters. Maybe you are wearing thin with the passage of time, feeling the effects of a hard life.

Or are you renewing your energy, doing things you enjoy, spreading love and light in your wake?  Are you growing your mind and your capacity to embrace life and love others? Do you express appreciation for all that pleases you?

This world of ours is a mirror. If you don't like what you see out there, take a look on the inside. That's where change begins.

You get what you expect

Law of Attraction dictates we get what we look for; that whatever we focus on, we attract more of. So if we look for evidence that our world is in big trouble, we find it. As we find that evidence, it reinforces our thoughts and feelings about it, which attracts more evidence of it. We get caught in a cycle that isn't at all what we want to experience or create.

What if we believed all is well on Planet Earth? What if we looked for evidence that things are getting better? If we believed that, we would see the truth of it – because we create "truth" with our attention.

The bottom line is that if I look for destruction, I'll see it. If I look for preservation, respect and renewal, I'll see that instead. What we focus on, we create more of, so watch where you point that thing!

Or not

Some physicists see things differently. According to the multiple world theory, we're not so much creators as we are participators. The "multiverse" theory says everything that ever could be already is. That we're not actually creating reality, because all potential realities already exist. Instead we're just choosing with our thoughts which reality to participate in.

If I choose "healed planet," then I experience it, simply because I chose to. I could just as easily choose "decaying planet" and it would be there for me as well. Since all realities are possible, my power lies in attracting the one I prefer, which I do with thought. It's a theory that makes defining "real" a bit tricky.

When asked how we can create world peace, James Ray responds, "There is peace in my world." Indeed, that's the world he experiences. James Twyman said when he traveled war-torn areas of the globe, he didn't experience war. Rather, he experienced appreciative, loving people gathering together for a good time- in the middle of war zones!

Action steps

The best way to contribute is to focus on what you want more of. Feeling bad and bringing anger or resentment to the table doesn't serve you or the world. Local life coach Carol Pope advises "cleaning up your inner environment" to serve the planet. Look within to see what you're projecting, and change it if you don't like what you see.

Also, remember we're all connected. We all arise from and are tied to that same source energy, whether you call it God, the Universe, or the zero point field, as scientists call it. From the zero point field (basically an unlimited field of possibility and potentiality), we choose what to experience according to our thoughts and feelings.

Which means nothing is set in stone. Nothing is too late. Nothing is impossible!

Embrace your power to create something new with the world by releasing old limiting thoughts and feelings. Those old, often subconscious, assumptions and beliefs hinder progress. Believe in possibilities and take inspired action for our beautiful world. It is whatever we make it.

Jeannette Maw is an Attraction Coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on March 31, 2007.