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Coach Jeannette: June 2009

By Jeannette Maw

The simple secret (to dreams come true).
by Jeannette Maw


On the quest to find satisfaction and fulfillment in life, you could spend $150,000 for a year working with a renowned life coach; you could read thousands of books or attend hundreds of programs contributing to an $11 billion-a-year self-help industry; you could invest years of therapy learning to leave problems behind….

Or it could be much simpler than that.

Achieving success and getting what we want in life doesn’t have be a complex, tricky or long and drawn out process. It can be as easy as following the advice of two simple words: Get happy.

While it might sound trite and perhaps easier said than done (we’ll talk about that next!), the reason getting happy is so effective is that once you’ve activated this vibration, the energy of everything you’ve been wanting pulls you forward, into it. It no longer takes hard work or struggle or effort to make dreams come true or achieve your goals. It comes together naturally, swiftly and easily.

Why is that? Because of that little thing called the law of attraction. We can experience only what we’re a vibrational match to. So as we make getting happy our primary focus, not only are we having more fun and enjoying the journey, but we’re also aligning to the frequency where happy things unfold.

So if getting what we want is that simple and getting happy is so effective, why isn’t everyone making it a higher priority?

We were trained out of it. We were taught it takes hard work to get what we want, and that we are responsible for making things happen. We heard that there’s no gain without pain and that we have to earn our rewards by paying our dues.

These beliefs don’t encourage us to make “getting happy” our number one priority.

And yet, when we do, magic happens! When we free ourselves from frustration and exhaustion and give ourselves the relief that leads to higher vibrations, we allow beautiful things to unfold. Check out this experience from a gentleman I know who practiced it in his career:

When we last spoke I was in Austin, spending my days in a corporate cubicle and not enjoying it much. I wanted to move to Santa Fe, work less and be paid more.

Well, I’m writing you from a little adobe house near downtown Santa Fe. I’m using my computer abilities for a small company that is paying me a higher hourly rate and asks for fewer hours of my day.

Here’s the story:

Do you remember annual reviews? That peculiar form of psychological torture common in large corporations? Well, a couple of weeks ago I sat down with my supervisor and was told all the areas she found me deficient in. It did not feel very good and I stewed about it for a couple of days. I knew my vibe sucked but I couldn’t find the relief thought. Well, until I did. The relief thought was that I did not have to please my boss. It was okay to let go of pleasing her, or the company. I did not care about the things they wanted me to care about and that was okay. It was also okay for her to care about these things.

Funny how when I finally find the relief thought, it begins to snowball (17 seconds). I could feel my vibe improve. I talked with my wife about this late into the night and by morning I felt very centered and calm. When I got to the office I went straight to my boss’ office and we had a delightful conversation about what we each cared about and how she really believed in the value of all those statistics and numbers that I dismissed as unimportant. I told her that I now understood that this was important to her and that if caring about this was required, I was probably not the person she needs. By the end of the conversation I had happily resigned and was shaking her hand and wishing her and everyone there well. It felt great.

I rode that high for the rest of the day. My wife wasn’t thrilled that I had quit my job without securing another one first. I tried to reassure her that this was an inspired action. I was following a path of increasingly good feeling and that I was certain it could only lead to good feeling manifestation.

Two days later I was browsing Craigslist for Santa Fe and saw the ad for the gig I have now. I sent my resumé, we traded emails and then spoke on the phone. I drove to Santa Fe from Austin on a Monday, interviewed on Tuesday, drove home Wednesday and got an email offering me the gig Thursday. We hustled around for a week getting stuff sold and given away and packed before I came back to Santa Fe to start work. My wife is leaving tomorrow with our puppy to join me here after she sends our remaining possessions off with the movers.

Everything has been without effort. I found a house to rent my first day here that is walking distance from the downtown plaza and five minutes from my job. I’m enjoying myself and have the opportunity to learn some really fun computer and web design stuff.

What I finally got was to keep following the thoughts and actions that felt best, from all I had to choose from at a given moment. I didn’t go to my boss raring to quit, although it was okay if I did. It felt good to leave under pleasant conditions. At every turn in this road, I am choosing whatever feels good. Abraham [channeled by Esther Hicks] says the only thing that keeps us from what we want is how willing we are to endure discomfort. I am no longer willing to endure discomfort and guess what-Abe is right!

-Stephen Taylor, Santa Fe

Sometimes it takes guts and might feel like a huge leap of faith to follow where our happiness would take us, but it pays off when we head in that direction. That’s because happy endings can only arrive when we get happy now.

For those of us who think getting happy is a big challenge, know that it’s a simple matter of first making peace with your life as it is right now. That opens up tremendous potential to find more enjoyment, more reasons to smile, and more delight in simple daily life.

In Los Angeles last summer, Abraham suggested this to audience members:

“Get happy. In any way you can. If you have to run away from home, do it. If you have to go to the beach every day, do it. Do anything you can do to get happy. In most cases it doesn’t involve action. Get happy in your mind.”

My experience has shown that often the best way to feel the joy and relief of happiness is to simply change our mind about whatever’s keeping us from it. That simple step leads to more tangible evidence which puts happiness even more within reach.

As usual, though, don’t take my word for it. Put it into practice and see what wonderful things happen next for you!

Jeannette Maw is a Law of Attraction coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching. Abraham:

This article was originally published on May 29, 2009.