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Coach Jeannette: Grateful for THIS?

By Jeannette Maw

Look for evidence of what you want, rather than what you fear.

by Jeannette Maw

The 401k’s in the toilet, the house won’t sell even with a discount, roommate’s out of work, credit’s so tight the banks (that are still in business) won’t even loan to each other, and forget about a bonus at work this year!
What’s to be grateful for in these days of hard times with no relief in sight?
That’s the question many have in mind as we enter the holiday season in what’s perpetually reported as a particularly tumultuous time in U.S. history. Bombarded by news stories about the falling stock market, failing mortgage industry, and the domino effects on global markets, it would be easy to believe this is one of the worst periods Americans have faced since the Great Depression.
But is it true?
When you check in on the reality of it, you’ll likely notice that abundance, wealth and prosperity are still here in many ways. All we need to do is look for it to see and experience it. In fact, since we get whatever we look for, cultivating the habit of looking for what we want allows us to live it.
Not just positive thinking
This isn’t just a matter of looking at a discouraging reality and trying to find something to appreciate about it. It’s a matter of knowing your prosperity and well being cannot dissipate in the stock market or be squandered by decision-makers in power. The same way no one can create a “dream come true” life on your behalf, they also don’t have the power to spoil it. You are in charge of what unfolds in your life—at least when you deliberately manage your vibration. So no need to worry about someone else spoiling the party. Your good news is always available to you, simply by turning in that direction. All you have to do is pay attention to what you want and focus on what feels better.
That’s deliberate creation.
Since we get what we look for and focus on, it’s all the more important to purposely look for what’s going right especially when it would be easy to get sucked into negative commentary about what’s gone wrong.
No matter how distressing the reports and despite the “evidence” of troubles on Main Street and Wall Street, no one has more power over your life and how you experience it than you.
As you change your perspective from “the sky is falling” to one that reveals what’s going right, you become a vibrational match to more things going right.
Deliberately focusing your attention on what feels better, however, is not an excuse to ignore circumstances that call for attention. Taking responsible control of your life may mean making difficult decisions and then moving on. What’s important is that you listen for inner guidance and take action as inspired. Making choices in alignment with what feels better is a powerful step to enhancing your well being.
Creating the economy
In a recent article on current economic challenges, freelance expert Ed Gandia quotes Earl Nightingale in saying, “We become what we think about.” Gandia explains if we dwell on economic panic and financial strife, we get more of it. Conversely, if we choose to approach each day with confident expectation and a joyful attitude, we attract more positive outcomes in life.
Can improving our personal economy be as simple as changing our point of focus?
“The economy is an expression of the consciousness of those who create it—all of us. We vitalize the economy with expansive thinking and action, and we deaden it with fear and contraction,” writes Alan Cohen. He argues the economy is not a fixed entity, but rather constantly changes with our thoughts and emotions: “The economy you see today is a result of the attitudes and actions that sourced it yesterday. The economy you will see tomorrow is a result of the attitudes and actions you think and do today.”
Realizing we aren’t victims of failed regulations or bursting mortgage bubbles, but rather powerful creators in control of what unfolds in our future gives us the opportunity to create what we want rather than what we fear.
Esther Hicks shares from Abraham this advice about the economy: “There are enough [of you] involved in the economics of this time-space reality that it is certain that balance will come back. And all you have to do is sort of settle yourself in, and ride it out.” The sooner we accept that things are better than we thought and getting better all the time, the sooner we experience our personal prosperity.
Even mainstream experts tout this perspective. Kevin Hassett, director of economic-policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute (and Bloomberg News columnist), says it’s our choice whether we believe the current market system fundamentally doesn’t work or whether we restore our faith in the markets. He says the belief that the system doesn’t work would be self-fulfilling.
Bright side of the recession?
Is it possible this “financial crisis” is a gift in disguise? A bit of reflection shows how the current financial downturn might actually serve us. For example, perhaps we could leverage this experience to better align our money with our values; to realize what’s truly important and allow evolutionary outcomes (in ourselves and businesses) from these current challenges.
So what if our net worth takes a hit? We’re still alive and well with lots of choices before us. What if our job is eliminated? It might be the kick in the pants we need to make changes we’ve dreamed of. Or even just to learn that we are not our job and embrace the opportunity to redefine our personal identity.
There are other ways these economic challenges could benefit us: skyrocketing oil prices inspire stronger investment and support for alternative fuels. Layoffs across struggling industries historically fuels higher educational enrollments, not to mention better appreciation in those who still have jobs to go to.
Maybe we also rethink the wisdom of indulging in gas-guzzling vehicles and feel new inspiration for growing community gardens. Perhaps questioning what’s happening in the world leads us to a closer relationship to our spiritual truth.
The point is there’s always a perspective that feels better. As you look for ways to appreciate what’s happening in the world right now, it not only feels better but it creates a better tomorrow.
In fact, this Thanksgiving holiday, instead of reserving just this day for formal appreciation, consider making every day an occasion for gratitude. Skip the fear trend and remember that all is well and getting better every day. The viewpoint of appreciation lines you up with happy experiences and outcomes, regardless of what the rest of the world is up to.
Jeannette Maw is a Law of Attraction coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching in Salt Lake City.

This article was originally published on November 3, 2008.