Choose to Reuse

By catalyst

by Emily Moroz

Part two of CATALYST’s reuse series: A guide to some of the best places to find fabulous used furniture, salvage and surplus in Salt Lake (and Park City).

reuse“Who of us would not give an instant to be surrounded by objects with the magical power to invoke passion and reflection?”
Kate Bullen offers this mantra, gleaned from a New York City shop window, on how to furnish our daily lives. Bullen is the owner of Elementé, a Salt Lake institution selling vintage furniture and accessories on downtown’s Pierpont Avenue.
Like Kate, I prefer an old kitchen chair to a new one. It’s patina, or perhaps its cracks and chipped paint provide a warmth that a brand new chair would not. Penny-pincher that I am, it’s definitely a plus that gently used furniture is usually a lot cheaper than its new counterpart (and easier on the planet). So whether you built yourself a yurt in the woods and own only four things (yurt included), own a house of your own or are renting a 5×8’ closet, if you’re like me, you’re compelled to decorate your space with style without breaking the bank. Why not seek out the stuff that brings a story with it?



This article was originally published on May 28, 2010.