Change, action, movement!

By Suzanne Wagner

Osho Zen Tarot:  Playfulness, Projections, Going with the Flow

Medicine Cards: Antelope, Hawk

Mayan Oracle:  Three of Wands, Three of Cups

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Three of Disks, The Chariot, Prince of Disks

Aleister Crowley Deck: Princess of Wands, Ace of Wands, 10 of Disks

Healing Earth Tarot: Grandmother of Shields, Five of Feathers, Two of Wands

Words of Truth: Speaking, Knowing, Aggression

As we begin of the month of November, the energy is at an all-time high. The volatility is so intense that nothing will be cleanly worked through till mid- month—probably after November 11 with the shift of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Venus is still retrograde, magnifying emotions as she plumbs the depths of all things hidden (with the help of Jupiter in Scorpio) and thus is allowing Jupiter to shine his very bright light on them so that things eventually become clear and balanced.

At least, we hope for that!

We can’t learn if we’re unwilling to look. We’re not learning if we believe we have all the answers. And this astrology is pushing our noses into the old crap that has been lying (pun intended) in hiding for a long time.

Antelope reminds us that it’s through action that we learn how to change. It’s action that determines if we grow or stay stuck. It’s action that decides what your life will look like in this lifetime and the gifts and abilities that you have in the next life.

You have a bit of control over your own choices and actions. Best to leave the decisions and choices of others to them. They are dancing in their own karmic pool of suffering and it is always best to not get into someone else’s mud puddle.

Look at your choices and actions with the eyes of a hawk. Take the long view. See beyond this moment in time. Do your actions support life, love and happiness for all in the future? If they do not, you have chosen poorly.

This month looks to me like a triathlon—the part of the race where they are all jumping into the water and swimming in one direction. Now, while that is more organized, what I see are many swimming in various directions, while prompters on the sidelines call out, “Over here! Come this way! This is what you want! The finish line is over here!”

The impact is total chaos and confusion as people swim into each other, knocking each other around in an attempt to win and be right.

It’s a dangerous game. People can get hurt, drown, get lost in the deep waters or (metaphorically) be eaten by sharks. It’s an unconscious melee where everyone is attempting to make a point or find any current that can carry them forward. This is a race where everyone’s goal is not necessarily the true “end of the race” goal.

And there is a current. That current has been there forever, before man decided he was king of this world. Those who feel beyond the chaos will find the flow that will allow them to move with less effort. But this current does not yell and try to cajole you to move in its direction. This current is eternal. This current is Mother Nature. She promotes life. She promotes wisdom.

She does not seek your approval. She is complete right now, with or without your belief in her or your support. For she knows better than you what is needed in this moment in time.

Such is this month. A month where six planets either change directions or change signs. A month where the theme is change, action, and movement. A month where expansion is not wanted, it is demanded. This will be an unprece- dented moment in time. A moment that in the future you will remember where you were, exactly, in time and space. A moment you will remember with a proud smile on your face or a moment that you would prefer to not talk about.

Suzanne Wagner is the author of books and CDs on the tarot and creator of the Wild Women app. She lives in California, but visits Utah frequently, and will be here this month.

This article was originally published on October 31, 2018.