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Briefly Noted: Trending color therapy “chakra” glasses at Water Wellness Center

By Sophie Silverstone

Just setting foot in Water Wellness Center will make you feel more aligned. The store offers much more than distilled, reverse osmosis and ionized alkaline water. Like chakra glasses.

-by Sophie Silverstone

chakra sophie

Align your chakras with these different colored glasses for $12 each. “Every color has a different vibration, bringing a different emotion,” says Ramon Flores, longtime employee of Water Wellness, who uses them all the time. “Since light comes into your soulthrough the eyes, change the color, and you can change the emotions in your body.”

Light is filtered into one of seven colors, or frequencies, each corresponding to a different energy center (chakra) or organ in your body. When it travels through your eyes to your nervous system, cellular and hormonal changes can occur.

I took this one step further, choosing my chakra glasses’ color based on advice found in 7 Symbols of Healing Body, Spirit, Mind by Dave Card of Dave’s Health. Among many interesting theories on healing and health, Card lists your strong and weak chakras based on the day of the week you were born. I was born on a Tuesday, so my throat chakra is the most in need of alignment. I found the Tuesday summation laughably accurate. Women born on Tuesdays are whom he calls “warrior princesses”—ruled by Mars, we’re very direct, great with men, and we deal with rage and anger.

To balance that anger, I tried the blue glasses, which correspond with the throat chakra, and supposedly bring tranquility as well as assist in the ability to communicate.

I typically struggle with acute road rage. While driving with the blue glasses, however, I noticed a distinct moment of calm and patience, a pleasant alternative to blurting a line of profanities at the lousy driver in front of me.

There’s something to be said about the power of intention vs. science; that’s why we try things out for ourselves. Try the green ones if you’d like to align your heart chakra, or the indigo ones to strengthen your third eye and intuition. Yet even then, there are various interpretations on the chakra colors.Try it on; see what fits.

You can use Dave’s book to help you choose among the various glasses colors. Water Wellness offers red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and two extra colors: magenta and turquoise.

Water Wellness Center, 3727 S. 900 E., SLC and 3440 S. 5600 W., WVC.




This article was originally published on August 17, 2015.