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Ceremony & Spirituality: October 2009

By catalyst

A question of rain.
by Donna Henes

Dear Mama Donna,

Rain dance. Rain dance. There is no such thing as drought. Our lack of consciousness and our scarcity thinking bring it about. The Rain Dancers pray with abundance for what is our god given right—rain. I witnessed a deluge of rain on the Hopi reservation like I have never seen before—five days of pure water. We can claim our divine inheritance now, Water Goddess is always with us and in us. We can restore our connection to the thunder and lightning beings.

Aho Mitukye Oyasin,
Dancing for Rain in Arizona

Dear Dancer for Rain and Life,

Thank you for your beautiful testimonial.

Rain is the vital, vivifying fluid which flows down from the heavens to recycle and replenish the world’s water stores, to refresh and revitalize the lands and all those species who live upon it. Celestial substance of necessity, rain is absolutely elemental and essential, but quite quirky. You never know with rain—too much, too little, too late, too soon, too hard, too long—you can’t really depend on it, and yet you have to.

I agree about our limiting ourselves by questioning divine abundance. However, I also believe each one of us has a responsibility to protect, and not waste or abuse, our rich natural legacy. We are ethically bound not to take the precious gifts of Mother Nature for granted. Native peoples across the globe have always seen themselves as caretakers of Earth, Sky, Fire and Water. They believe not only in god/dess-given rights, but also in god/dess-centered responsibility. They have always participated in partnership with the planet to preserve, conserve and create in reverence and due respect.

While water is a renewable resource, it is not inexhaustible. We all need to be conscious about conserving water. Appreciate every drop you use; consume consciously. There are many creative ways to do this. Do not abuse or disregard the Divine Largesse.

I wish us all abundant rain and snow filling reservoirs and water towers in the months ahead.

xxMama Donna

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This article was originally published on September 30, 2009.