Catalyst’s Annual Nonprofits Wish List

By Sallie Dean Shatz

The holidays are when we pay particular attention to giving and receiving. But it's what we do every day of the year, energetically: My staff makes this magazine with dollars from our advertisers, who get those dollars from you, the reader, who got them from…you get the picture. We are all supported by others, and in turn we support others. We're always paying it forward and back. Which is why this, our annual Holiday Wish List from area nonprofits, is such a handy thing. Commit some of your time, or money, or stuff, to one or more of these groups. It keeps the good energy flowing. It says "thank you." It says we have a community going on here. Happy Holidays. -GBdJ

Compiled by Sally Shatz

This article was originally published on December 3, 2007.