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BYU and U of U find something to agree on:

By Staff

The Climate Campaign BYU student Nick Huey and University of Utah student Collin Green have formed an alliance that is above any rivalry. Cougars and Utes are teaming up to protect the world—or at least, to create awareness about climate change (and maybe save the planet). “It’s not a party issue, it’s a people issue,” said Green in a phone interview.

It started when Huey and BYU students brought 3,500 flowers to the University of Utah campus to distribute to students and show their solidarity when it comes to climate change awareness.

In response, Green and friends went to Provo and put 500 flowers and a Utes football helmet on the Brigham Young statue with a sign that said “This is the place to unite on climate change.”

We saw them come together during the biggest rivalry game of the year on September 9 when a group of students climbed the hillside in Provo to make a giant “Y” out of purple lights, illuminating a willingness to come together to make real change.

The Climate Campaign, a nonprofit organization, demonstrates how the model of rivalry can actually work to create bipartisanship. They hope to share the ideas they are incubating with other schools across the country.

—Jane Lyon

On Wednesday, November 29
at Rye on 500 East, a portion of lunch sales will go to the
organization’s efforts.

This article was originally published on November 10, 2017.