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Briefly Noted: August 2015

By Staff

Quick news from around town.

Trending: color therapy “chakra” glasses at Water Wellness Center

Just setting foot in Water Wellness Center will make you feel more aligned. The store offers much more than distilled, reverse osmosis and ionized alkaline water. Like chakra glasses.

Align your chakras with these different colored glasses for $12 each. “Every color has a different vibration, bringing a different emotion,” says Ramon Flores, longtime employee of Water Wellness, who uses them all the time. “Since light comes into your soul through the eyes, change the color, and you can change the emotions in your body.”

Light is filtered into one of seven colors, or frequencies, each corresponding to a different energy center (chakra) or organ in your body. When it travels through your eyes to your nervous system, cellular and hormonal changes can occur.

I took this one step further, choosing my chakra glasses’ color based on advice found in 7 Symbols of Healing Body, Spirit, Mind by Dave Card of Dave’s Health. Among many interesting theories on healing and health, Card lists your strong and weak chakras based on the day of the week you were born. I was born on a Tuesday, so my throat chakra is the most in need of alignment. I found the Tuesday summation laughably accurate. Women born on Tuesdays are whom he calls “warrior princesses”—ruled by Mars, we’re very direct, great with men, and we deal with rage and anger.

To balance that anger, I tried the blue glasses, which correspond with the throat chakra, and supposedly bring tranquility as well as assist in the ability to communicate.

I typically struggle with acute road rage. While driving with the blue glasses, however, I noticed a distinct moment of calm and patience, a pleasant alternative to blurting a line of profanities at the lousy driver in front of me.

There’s something to be said about the power of intention vs. science; that’s why we try things out for ourselves. Try the green ones if you’d like to align your heart chakra, or the indigo ones to strengthen your third eye and intuition. Yet even then, there are various interpretations on the chakra colors.Try it on; see what fits.

You can use Dave’s book to help you choose among the various glasses colors. Water Wellness offers red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and two extra colors: magenta and turquoise.

— Sophie Silverstone

Water Wellness Center, 3727 S. 900 E., SLC and 3440 S. 5600 W., WVC.

Unity Spiritual Community moves services to Sugar House Park

Our friends at Unity Spiritual Community of Salt Lake recently moved to a new location. They sent us this notice, which we share with you: “If you are looking for an open-minded, accepting, loving, joyful spiritual community, we offer that and more. Unity teachings are simple but profound. Christ taught to love one another, and that’s what we do.” We are all invited to join them in prayer, meditation, joyful music, uplifting messages and soulful connection.

Sundays, 11a.m. in the Garden Center in Sugar House Park, 1602 East 2100 South. Info: 801.281.2400.

Utah’s “Enlightened 50”

The Community Foundation of Utah is “a catalyst for philanthropy that is visionary, diverse and inclusive.” Each year the organization honors 50 “enlightened Utahns” who are innovators, builders and visionaries.

This year’s winners include public servants and elected officials, nonprofit and business leaders, scientists and artists, educators and entrepreneurs. As usual, they include many CATALYST cohorts, including some of our writers. Congratulations in particular to:

Charlotte Fife-Jepperson, West View Media
Coleman Riedesel, BUG Farms (Backyard Urban Gardens)
Derek Kitchen, Laziz Foods
Fraser Nelson, Salt Lake Co. Mayor’s Office
Genevieve Atwood, Earth Science Education
Ingrid Griffee, Utah Moms for Clean Air
Karla VanderZanden, Canyonlands Field Institute
Karrie Galloway, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah
Patrice Arent, Utah House of Representatives Democratic Caucus Manager
Sheryl Gillilan, Art Access
Sophia Nicholas, HEAL Utah
Troy Williams, Equality Utah
Brian Moench, Utah Physicians for a Healthy Utah
Crystal Young-Otterstrom, Utah Cultural Alliance
Derek Dyer, Utah Arts Alliance
Matt Pacenza, HEAL Utah

—Greta deJong

A change in the way we vote

The days of waiting in line at your local polling place to cast your vote for elections seem to be coming to an end. The 2015 primary election on August 11 and general election on November 3 mark the first time Salt Lake City will have registered voters vote by mail. This means that each registered voter has automatically received a ballot in the mail which can be returned in the postage-paid return envelope provided.

I’ve always enjoyed the process of going to my polling place on election day and the anticipation of casting my vote. But 25-30% of city voters are already signed up for permanent vote by mail, according to Salt Lake City Recorder’s office. Other cities and states that have transitioned to voting by mail have seen greater voter turnout, which is why Salt Lake is trying it. Our voting machine equipment is on the older side and it’s hard to get new equipment.

While I’m sad to see the end of voting as I’ve always known it, it’s good to hear that voting by mail could increase voter turnout.

If you’d still like to vote in person, four traditional polling places remain in Salt Lake City: River’s Bend Northwest Senior Center, Sorenson Multicultural Center, Trolley Square and the First Congregational Church. You can also drop your completed vote-by-mail ballot at these locations.

Remember to use your voice and vote August 11 and November 3.

—Lori Mertz

Visit for addresses and additional information.

New location for RemedyWave

Shannon Simonelli makes her living as a therapist but when it comes to music you can dance to, she’s one of the top DJs in town. It’s no ordinary dance party, though—her weekly gatherings are more a musical dance journey.

This month she is relocating RemedyWave from Sugar House to a larger studio downtown and will commemorate the change with a special “spacewarming” that includes a pot luck, live drumming, didgeridoo and sound bath with the instrumental genius of Leraine Horstmanshoff, Kaz Spiers and friends—and some pretty unhibited dancing, for sure.

—Greta deJong

Friday, August 28, 7-9pm. (7-7:20pm, ritual entry and warm-up. Please arrive within this window.) 300 West 403 North (entrance on 300 West). $20.

This article was originally published on August 1, 2015.