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Briefly Noted: Keep calm and vote by mail

By Sophie Silverstone

A change in the way we vote

-by Lori Mertz

The days of waiting in line at your local polling place to cast your vote for elections seem to be coming to an end. The 2015 primary election on August 11 and general election on November 3 mark the first time Salt Lake City will have registered voters vote by mail. This means that each registered voter has automatically received a ballot in the mail which can be returned in the postage-paid return envelope provided.

I’ve always enjoyed the process of going to my polling place on election day and the anticipation of casting my vote. But 25-30% of city voters are already signed up for permanent vote by mail, according to Salt Lake City Recorder’s office. Other cities and states that have transitioned to voting by mail have seen greater voter turnout, which is why Salt Lake is trying it. Our voting machine equipment is on the older side and it’s hard to get new equipment.

While I’m sad to see the end of voting as I’ve always known it, it’s good to hear that voting by mail could increase voter turnout.

If you’d still like to vote in person, four traditional polling places remain in Salt Lake City: River’s Bend Northwest Senior Center, Sorenson Multicultural Center, Trolley Square and the First Congregational Church. You can also drop your completed vote-by-mail ballot at these locations.

Remember to use your voice and vote August 11 and November 3.

Visit for addresses and additional information.

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This article was originally published on August 7, 2015.