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Babying the Buddha: The Second Time Around

By Kindra Fehr

Recommended resources for the pregnancy journey.
by Kindra Fehr
I've just crossed into my second trimester with my second child. The fatigue and nausea of the first trimester are supposed to be subsiding soon. Better than that, I've made it beyond those first weeks where the odds of miscarriage are highest. I can't say that I've quit worrying, but then again, do we ever quit worrying about our children?

Regardless of these concerns, I'm pregnant! At "advanced maternal age," no less. And, the wonder of pregnancy is something magical to behold. The shifts my body, my moods, my appetite make are a conundrum even though I've been through them before. I find that I have very little if any control over what's happening in my body. So, I dive into the mystery and relish it in the ways that I can. On those bad days, I find myself repeating the mantra "this too shall pass." My best friends and guides are in books and resources that let me know that I'm not alone. I'm overjoyed to return to them once again and to share them now as recommendations.

Must-have books:

"The Pregnancy Journal: A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy," by A. Christine Harris, Ph.D.

This journal is filled with fun and interesting facts about your baby's daily development, what's happening to your body, childbirth in other cultures, childbirth then and now, and food facts. It provides page space to track expanding weight and waist sizes as well as journaling. You personalize the dates to your own pregnancy, backtracking from your due date through the date of conception.

"The Spirit of Pregnancy: An Interactive Anthology for Your Journey to Motherhood," by Bonni Goldberg featuring stories, poems, and essays by Louise Erdirich, Anne Lamott, Bobbie Ann Mason, Rita Dove, and others.
An eloquent feast of words in various forms with plenty of writing room and questions to get you started with your own story. This book takes you on an inward journey exploring the psychological, emotional, and spiritual side of pregnancy rather than the physical changes happening to you and your baby.

"How Life Begins: The Science of Life in the Womb," by Christopher Vaughn
For a scientific approach to the mystery of pregnancy, Christopher Vaughn has written a comprehensive guide to what science knows about life in the womb, as well as how much we still don't know. This may be the book that fathers-to-be and partners can really sink their teeth into, as its approach is logical and scientific rather than a "what's happening to your body" written specifically for the mother-to-be.

"From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds," by Alexander Tsiaras
Via computer imaging, Alexander Tsiaras has created a beautiful visual guide to the growth of your baby in utero. The images are much easier to grasp than the drawn sketches provided in other books.
"Must Indulge In" recommendations for moms-to-be:
Prenatal yoga

I believe this helped tremendously in my first pregnancy and delivery. As I set out to begin a regular yoga practice this time around, I'm once again researching my options.
Google "prenatal yoga Salt Lake City" for many options throughout the valley. If you prefer, there are many great DVDs available for an at-home work out.
In my own experience, I was happy with the prenatal and mom/baby classes at:

The Yoga Center
4689 S. Holladay Blvd.
Holladay, UT

I also plan on trying out classes a little closer to where I live:

Centered City Yoga
918 East 900 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

Prenatal massage
Massage is another must in pampering for the mom-to-be. There is nothing like a good massage to combat the new aches and pains your body encounters.
Many spas and massage therapists offer prenatal massage. Make sure your therapist is experienced in prenatal pregnancy massage. My favorites are:

Jeni Indresano, LMT, NCTMB, certified prenatal massage therapist, 792-9894 near Sugar House

Jane Brady, LMT, NCTMB, Sandalwood Massage & Gifts, 1441 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84105, 801-487-4233

Whether your pregnancy flows smoothly or not, in the scheme of life it's a very short time. So, indulge yourself and enjoy the journey as best as you can!  u
Kindra Fehr is an artist and mom. She co-instructs the Salt Lake Art Center's KidsmART program.

This article was originally published on January 1, 2008.