Z. Smith

Smith is a cookie connoisseur, moonlight meanderer, and aesthete at large. His work has appeared in 13 Experiments, Folio, Stone Soup Review, SLUG Magazine, Salt Lake City Weekly, and CATALYST Magazine. He earned his BA in English from The University of Utah and currently writes from a room with many plants.


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The Novice’s Grimoire: May 5–12

Garnet is a crystal with a grand, though somewhat disputed reputation. Garnet is essentially a mineral group comprised of many, and near entirely varied, representatives. The dispu …


DIY, Expand, Live, Spirituality & Mysticism

The Novice’s Grimoire: Apr 28 – May 5

Hello again! This week we are taking a brief look at the mystery and misunderstandings surrounding the art of palmistry. Palm reading, palmistry, Chiromancy, all synonymous, are a …


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The Novice’s Grimoire: Apr 21 – 28

Novices, at the end of my orange blossom oil post, I said we had accidentally skipped our herb discussion, normally set for the first week of the month, and would this week be cove …


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The Novice’s Grimoire: Apr 14 – 21

Hello Novices! Neroli oil or orange blossom oil is our topic for the week. Distilled from the bitter-sweet blossoms of the orange tree, orange blossom oil is by far one of the more …



The Novice’s Grimoire: Apr. 7-14

Hello again! This week, we are talking about diamond, a gem of exciting qualities and also the birthstone of those born in April—happy birthday, applicable novices! In the past, mu …


The Novice’s Grimoire: March 31 – Apr. 7

This week in NG we’ll be talking about the herb valerian, paying special attention to the uses as derived from its root. Historically valerian has been associated with mixtures for …


The Novice’s Grimoire: Mar 24 – 31

Mystery Topic – Ghost Types: This week I thought about going into a lengthy philosophical discussion about ghosts (their potential for existence, what their existence might mean fo …


The Novice’s Grimoire: March 18-24

Dear friends, readers, and novices, welcome back! This week we are discussing rosemary oil and its various abilities. Recently I have found my mind a bit clouded, constantly jumpin …


The Novice’s Grimoire: March 10-17

What a strenuous, persistent, magnificent life! I have, for the past week, been entirely consumed by an assortment of projects, as I am sure you have, and in the flow of things I n …



Pioneer Theatre Company Review: An Inspector Calls

Opening nights have a peculiar energy; there is this serious nervousness that pervades every aspect, causing little hiccups to pop and peek at the most inopportune times. The light …


The Novice’s Grimoire: Mar 3rd – 10th

Dear Novices, here we are again, scouting the mysterious known and unknown for those ethereal and earthly wonders. You may have felt it, I certainly know I have, that elbowing-in o …


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The Novice’s Grimoire: Feb 25th – Mar 3rd Mystery Topic – Love, Sex & Astrology

Dear reader, welcome back to the Novice’s Grimoire. The past two weeks we have covered self-love heightened through the use of Opal, and Aphrodisiacs and Love Potions’ abilities to …


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The Novice’s Grimoire: Feb 18th – 25th Oil/Tincture/Mixture – Aphrodisiacs and Love Potions

Welcome to the second Novice’s Grimoire post! This week we’ll be discussing Aphrodisiacs and Love Potions—yes, this is what we all have been waiting for. Perhaps your Valentine’s D …


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A Brief Look at the Works of Oscar Wilde & An Earnest conversation with Sarah Shippobotham

When I saw that The University of Utah’s Theatre Department would be putting on Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest this February 26-28 and March 3-6 at the Babcock Theat …


The Novice’s Grimoire: Feb. 11-18

Today’s post is not about love potions or philtres—check back next week and I’ll see what we can come up with. Nor is this post about any number of crystals that can bring about im …


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