Author: Trisha McMillan

Hangover Cures

Sensible precautions—and what to do if you’ve thrown caution to the wind —by Trisha McMillan

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Bicycle Day

Twas the 19th of April, 1943 in Basel, Switzerland, and Sandoz Labs chemical researcher Albert Hofmann had been researching a derivative of ergot fungus, attempting

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Magical DIY Gifts

CATALYST presents a magical hypothetical holiday gift guide, featuring mind-expanding items you could make and give with love, if only you lived in a different

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Life Is But a Dream

  All human cultures have in common the urge to seek, understand, and utilize altered mental states. Our intellect and capacity for self-awareness provide our

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Americans on Ayahuasca

by Trisha McMillan Ayahuasca is changing how we see our world. Over the past few decades, its use has spread beyond the confines of the

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Psychedelic Renaissance

The MAPS conference could mark the end of a 30-year dark age regarding the study of entheogens. In mid-April, the Multidisci­plinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

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