Sophie Silverstone

Sophie earned a Marketing degree and dance minor from Loyola Marymount University in 2012. After taking some time after college to pursue professional figure skating, which took her through the United States and Mexico, at one point with a Mexican ice circus, Sophie returned home to Utah to set down some roots, and began working at CATALYST Magazine in 2014. Sophie can't really say which hat she hasn't worn at CATALYST besides editing. She is the distribution manager, an ad sales rep, a photographer, a writer, a party-planner, a fundraiser, a social media and website maintenance manager, the intern coordinator, and production manager (when John, Associate Publisher, is out of town).


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Using the camera as a tool for healing: Sky Hopinka’s maɬni – towards the ocean, towards the shore

Lush, green forests of the Pacific Northwest immerse viewers in nature. A Chinookan woman with long, inky black hair named Sweetwater Sahme stands beside a waterfall. We’ve learned …


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In Conversation with the filmmakers of the documentary, Mucho Mucho Amor, about beloved astrologer Walter Mercado

Courtesy of Sundance Institute One might say the stars aligned for the young singer, dancer, actor and medium, Walter Mercado, whose career as a worldwide astrology sensation start …


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Spaceship Earth: a new film to inspire the power of small groups and to re-imagine our world

Photo courtesy of Sundance Institute You may remember the story––in 1991, in Oracle, Arizona, about an hour north of Tucson, eight people sealed themselves inside “Biosphere 2,” a …


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Podcast “Foreign Somewhere” Episode 1: Shanghai during the covid-19 pandemic with Jayden Ke

Foreign Somewhere is a podcast connecting with people from around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. While we’re sitting at home in isolation all this time, feeling …


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COVID-19 hastens the need for CATALYST’s first ever podcast – an introduction

Photo created by xb100 – As we start to hibernate in physical isolation, a necessary response to the fact that the U.S. is now considered the Coronavirus “epicenter …


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Local businesses who are bending over backwards to stay open and need your patronage during social isolation

Owner Dean Pierose of Cucina Although it may feel like everything is closed after the March 18 earthquake and the COVID-19 pandemic, many local businesses are working hard to keep …


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New Frontier Central at Sundance 2020 Catalytic Pick #2: Breathe

Courtesy of Sundance Institute To follow up our New Frontier Catalytic Pick #1: Solastalgia, we bring you our second pick of the festival’s New Frontier exhibits: Breathe, by Diego …


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New Frontier Central at Sundance 2020 Catalytic Pick #1: Solastalgia

Courtesy of Sundance Institute It’s no wonder that our attention-deficient world has moved to consuming media through 3D virtual reality headsets: It completely monopolizes your at …


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Dirtwire Interview – Preview of Oct. 5 show

Photo by Mika Gurovich Dirtwire can be considered the originator of the “Swamptronica” genre of music that draws from rock, blues and world instrumental music. Think desert America …


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A rare and prolific Odissi Indian dancer in SLC: Bijayini Satpathy

A dancer who ballet legend Mikhail Baryshnikov goes out of his way to see, and who choreographer Mark Morris considers to be “easily among the top five dancers I’ve seen in my life …


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CATALYST goes to the inland port rally

What began as a peaceful protest became a scene of confusion, violence and frustration at the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce building on Tuesday. “I love that you’re using your inte …


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A collection of beauties: a morning show rehearsal with Municipal Ballet Company

The delightful spring sunshine streams into the windows of Millennium Dance Complex’s windows in Trolley Square, and the Municipal Ballet Company dancers are finishing their daily …


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A different VR experience: The Wild Immersion Project sets out to protect wildlife habitats

For the first time, on this busy Sundance day, I feel calm and at peace. I’m in a tree with a serene-looking panda, and another moment I’m underwater, watching a shark slowly swim …


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Sundance 2019: Pop-Up Magazine

I’ve always wondered what a magazine would look like live. How to bring the stories to life, but still capture the audience with the same intimacy between the writers’ words and th …


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Urban Arts Fest welcomes Chali 2na: Artist and Rapper

Art in public spaces, or urban art, is the expansive genre of art that excludes no one: it is accessible to all, by design. Whether it is street art, dance, music or new media, urb …