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Past Life Hypnosis: a journey into the subconscious (whether you believe in past lives or not)

The CATALYST staff and interns sat in the front room of Big Pink. Pens and notepads at our sides, we were being led through the hypnosis by Jennifer Van Gorp, Salt Lake’s newest pr …


Garden, Local Harvest

Farmer’s Market spotlight: Keep It Real Vegetables

Tyler Montague and Holiday Dalgleish made an important decision about six years ago. They decided that it was time for them to collaborate on a farming project. This led to the bir …


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Salt Lake County’s inland port: Helpful or harmful for the Latino community?

Note: This story was originally published on Voices of Utah on March 20, 2019. It has been edited, not for content, but to fit CATALYST’s style.   Elitzer stood in the doorway …


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Desert-loving author gives a reading at King’s English

Bruce Berger is many things. He is a Yale graduate, a professional pianist and a world traveler. What he’s best known for is his writing: essays and poetry aimed at exploring the r …


Beverages, Eat

Winter Market Spotlight: The story behind Cru Kombucha

Cru Kombucha started with Red Bull. Zachary Twombly noticed that his friend, Christian Alber, was drinking a lot of the energy drink. Knowing how that can mess with your stomach, T …


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Sundance 2019: The Elephant Queen

Athena is 50 years old. She is a mother and, like her namesake, a wise leader. She is beautiful and big. She has the longest tusks out of her whole family. She is the matriarch of …


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Standing Ovation for Plan-B’s “Good Standing”

“Good Standing,” written by Matthew Greene, directed by Jerry Rapier and produced by Plan-B Theatre, is a solo play about Curt Brown, a gay Mormon who just married the love of his …


Culture, Nature

Environmentalist authors discuss nature, love and living green at SLPL for Utah Humanities Book Festival

For the 21st year, Utah Humanities hosts their Book Festival: This state-wide, six-week event is a chance for people to explore new books and hear from the authors. This year the f …