Jane Lyon

Jane is a 23 year old graduate in Environmental and Sustainability Studies from the University of Utah. Devoted to environmental philosophy, activism and a Buddhist lifestyle. At the CATALYST office, Jane co-produces the weekly reader and writes about environmentalism. She also manages Common Good Press development for the magazine. As a native Utahn, born and raised on Mount Olympus she spends her free time is spent playing music, practicing Tibetan Buddhism, making art and of course writing obsessively.

Jane spent her teenage years touring around Utah as a folk singer-songwriter until she set off to begin college at the University of Oregon. Her weekends there were spent racing sailboats along the west coast on the Oregon sailing team, along with following the liberal discipline of environmental studies. After receiving her associate's degree, she decided to return to Utah to deepen her understanding of environmental issues here in the Rocky Mountains. She returned to life as a ski bum, started interning at CATALYST magazine and continues to follow her passions for writing about environmental philosophy and spirituality.



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Damn These Heels Film Festival July 14-16

This weekend is the 14th annual “Damn These Heels” film festival, the longest running queer film fest in the western mountains, held right here in our own Salt Lake City. No matter …


Environmental Politics, Food & Health

Judge Shelby strikes down “Ag-Gag” laws to protect first amendment rights.

On Friday, July 7th, Federal Judge Robert Shelby deemed Utah’s agricultural industry protection law known as an “ag-gag” law to be a violation of free speech in his 31 page ruling. …


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Localist: Yogi Jessamyn Stanley visits Salt Lake City

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Localist: Showing up for Bear Ears

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Taking the Green (Career) Path

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Environmental Politics, Think

Hey millennials

It is year 2017, and an orange-skinned, reality television star has risen as ruler of the United States. The new Commander in Chief has all kinds of billionaire friends joining him …



“Greener” Grass for SLC’s Parks?

The Healthy Babies Bright Futures project catalyzes a plan to reduce landscape toxins. Most people these days would agree that chemical exposure is generally bad for our bodies, bu …


Eat, Expand, Food & Health, Mindfulness

The Soul of Food: Reconciliation

This spring would have been my 10-year anniversary of abstaining from meat. At about 12 years old, I gave up meat for Lent after seeing a classic PETA video. My fast from meat last …


Community, Environmental Politics, Urban Planning

Rivers Revisited

Seven Canyons Trust aims to bring daylight to Salt Lake City’s seven buried streams. In the spring of 2014, Professor Stephen Goldsmith, former Salt Lake City Planning Director, Ar …


Garden, Home

Ditch the Leaf Blowing!

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The Just-Right, Real-Tight House

The brains behind the eclectic structure going up on the site of the old T Street Market in the Avenues is ShruDeLi Ownbey, a woman so talented a teacher and harpist she twice rece …