Author: Brinley Froelich


Politics, Social Justice

How to end CASH BAIL in SLC: Money is a weapon used against the poor

In the criminal legal system, like so many other systems in the U.S., money is weaponized to hold people hostage. If you are arrested, you are still presumed innocent under the law …


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It’s time for a reckoning: A review of Danielle Sered’s “Until We Reckon: Violence, Mass Incarceration, and a Road to Repair”

Here are some questions I hear all the time when I speak to people about abolition: “But what about the murderers/rapists/bad guys?” “Yeah, prisons are bad, but what’s the alternat …


Politics, Social Justice, Think

A budget is a reflection of our values. Decarcerate Utah co-founder explains the Defund the Police movement.

When I was first getting into prison abolition in 2016, I wrote a future manifesto for 2021 titled “WE HAVE PEACE! NO MORE POLICE!” to commemorate 50 years since the September 1971 …


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“Time” steeped in time

An impressionistic portrait of love and waiting. At the time of my writing this review, January’s Sundance Film Festival is likely all but forgotten by most people. Writers, direct …


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Lives in the shadows

A conversation with Kip Yost Last summer, curious to learn more about Salt Lake’s new homeless resource shelters, I was reading everything I could find on the topic. Since the impl …


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Just Imagine

What Utah would look like without prisons. The U.S. incarcerates more people than any nation in the world, including China…. In 2016, the Brennan Center examined convictions and se …


Nonviolence is a way out of isolation

In 2011, I was halfway around the world in Japan teaching English at a preschool when Occupy Wall Street started gaining momentum. Despite the presence of my parents, I felt stuck …