Author: Benjamin Bombard

The campground

When I show up at her trailer, Nicole’s dogs are in attack mode, barking murderously and threatening to break their chains. They’re tied up to

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Students of silence

University of Utah students learn from composer Phillip Bimstein about the power of “radical quiet” On a chilly February afternoon, a crew of workmen yelled

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Walking to work

Soften your gaze, empty your mind and the loud city will go quiet Most mornings, I step out my front door and wonder how the

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Love Your Lungs: Masks

You may travel by mass transport, bike or on foot. You may have solar panels on your home and the highest-rated water heater. Your life

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Hunting with a Purpose

Several times a week during the summer and early autumn, after she spends an hour or so in the garden, my wife asks me to

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