Alice Toler

Alice Toler hates writing descriptions of herself, but since you have insisted that she do so: She is a New Reformed Animist and card-holding Dudeist Priest who believes that most of this is just, like, your opinion, man. She's a formerly stateless, now multinational international adoptee in reunion with her bio family since 2012 (though her paternal grandfather remains stubbornly elusive - I'm coming to get you, Grandpa! You can't hide from me forever!). She's a DNA sleuth and part-time Search Angel for people who have been separated from their genetic relatives, and she is very, very tenacious. She's a science and opinion writer who once authored a children's book which, I'm told, is still selling in modest numbers in bookstores throughout the Caribbean basin. She's a mixed media and large scale artist who has worked in metal, ceramic, wood, paint, paper, plastic, concrete, fabric, computer design and LED lights. She has never really gotten over her jetlag. She is a biphasic sleeper and a taker of epic naps, and she dreams in 4K UHD. She never, ever wants to get out of the bath. She's a tropical plant fancier, a bee and wasp charmer, a leech wrangler, and an appreciator of other medical methodologies commonly considered to be at least 4,000 years out of date. She is spouse to Saint Trent of Sugar House, who puts up with a daily rodeo of 13 medicinal leeches, anywhere up to 300 bees, 500 worms, give or take 30 houseplants, and one and a half dogs inside their communal home.


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The art of dying well: Death doulas help people experience a “Good death”

Transitions are rarely easy. We come into this world in a welter of drama—one way or the other, exiting the womb is a pretty big deal. Leaving this world is also uncomfortable, and …


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A Stone’s Throw

The Buddha on 9th. Buddhists are a rather serene lot, and that serenity came to the test recently when vandals threw a 25-pound rock through the face of the terra-cotta Buddha stat …



The Artist at Home: John deJong

The studio of John deJong is an extraordinary place—an emanation of an extraordinary mind. I have visited many artists’ studios, and I have one of my own, but the sheer magnitude a …



Relief for the Chronically Inspired

Making the best of a Valium dependency. To be honest, I was a bit of a weird kid. Today I think they would diagnose me with some kind of learning disability and give me extra time …


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Kratom and the DEA: so far, so good (and a reason to thank Sen. Hatch)

Startled by the immediate and widespread opposition to their proposed emergency ban of kratom in the fall of last year, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) backtracked o …


Alternative Therapies, Heal

PTSD trials approved for MDMA

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) sponsored six Phase 2 studies of MDMA, treating a total of 130 PTSD patients. Phase 3 research will include at leas …


The Avid Fan Goes to Standing Rock

Salt Lake blogger Ryan Keating stands witness to the Water Protectors. Who wouldn’t want to be an avid fan? Ryan Keating, semiprofessional polymath and progressive voice, is all ab …


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The INN Between

Utah’s hospice for homeless people, only the second in the nation, assures that no one needs to die “alone, on the street” in Salt Lake City. Of all the ways a human can die, “alon …


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Another Kratom Update

Kratom advocates oppose ban and garner support from 51 Congressional members Sen. Hatch; DEA blinks. After a petition reached over 140,000 signatures in less than a …


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DEA Moves to Ban Herbal Supplement Kratom

Scientists, citizens and lawmakers object to Schedule 1 classification for this Asian pain-killer. Editor’s note: For more background, see “The Kratom Chronicles” by Alice Toler in …


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Home is Where Your Human Is

Legacy Initiative Pet Outreach helps dogs, cats and even an occasional duck. If you go to the northwest corner of Pioneer Park at noon on any given Sunday, you’ll meet a small crew …


Alternative Therapies, Heal

The Kratom Chronicles

What if I told you there was an herb used by thousands to self treat chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and to wean off dangerous opioid medications, and that a …



If You Want to be a Beekeeper

Is this your year to become a beekeeper? March is your month to consider the types of bees and hives available, and place your order. You want to be all set up for the bees, which …


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Spreading Seeds of Peace, One Uke at a Time

What is it about a ukulele? This four-stringed flyweight relation of the guitar has got to be a top contender for “friendliest instrument.” Accessible, engaging, and utterly cute, …


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Heavenly Beans

Utah is at a pivotal moment in chocolate-related history: We are about to unseat Oregon from their premier position in having the highest per-capita number of artisanal bean-to-bar …


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