Ask the Astrologer: Will my ex ever do the right thing?

By Christopher Renstrom

My birthday is March 30, 1963, my ex-husband’s is March 29, 1954 and my son was born on August 9, 2001. My son and I live in East Haven, CT and my ex lives in Wallingford, CT (I think). We divorced several years back and he stopped seeing my son 4- 1/2 years ago. He keeps claiming he will do the right thing but never does. Can I expect anything more at this point?

I don’t think you should expect anything from your ex-husband. 4 ½ years is a long time to go without seeing his son and that pretty much backs up what his horoscope has to say as well.

I’m afraid that your ex-husband’s horoscope makes the perfect poster child for Astrology’s version of a Deadbeat Dad. His Ruling Planet Mars in Sagittarius already points to wanderlust tendencies and Jupiter in direct opposition increases his “anywhere but here” proclivities. This is emphasized by Venus, the planet of betrothals, being in Aries. Venus is “out of season” when she’s traveling through the sign of the Ram. Although this is good for exciting passions in the moment, it’s often the case that that moment doesn’t last and that those passions burn out quickly. Venus in Aries can leave behind a trail of wounded hearts and broken promises.

My biggest concern is with you wasting any more time and energy on trying to collect money from this man because each attempt to make him honor his commitment winds up costing you more. This is evidenced by the fact that his south node falls on your north node and vice-versa. The north node and the south node are holdovers from the days when Western Astrology was based on a lunar calendar. The north node was called Caput Draconis (which means the Dragon’s head) while the south node was called Cauda Draconis (which means the Dragon’s tail). It is said that good planets become better and bad planets become worse when they pass over the Dragon’s head while good planets become bad and bad planets become good when they pass over the Dragon’s tail. When someone’s south node falls on your north node then that means that this person benefits from siphoning energy off of you—even if you’re trying to do good by him. In fact the more good you do, the more this person drains you which is why I recommend severing ties. This is not unlike throwing good money after bad into a business that you know is failing. You’re better off cutting your losses and steering clear of him all together. He’s just bad news.

Meanwhile your son was born with good money making planets in his horoscope. He is a Leo with Jupiter (planet of prosperity) exalted in the neighboring sign of Cancer. This points to a well-heeled future. Interestingly enough your son’s north node forms a conjunction to yours, which means that he’s a gain and not a drain. The north node conjunction also reinforces the idea that you two are a team and that you’re better off without Dad. Your son’s north node in Cancer along with his Jupiter indicates that he gets his money savvy from you. You can both look forward to finances improving after July 1, 2011.

This article was originally published on April 13, 2011.