Ask the Astrologer: Will living situation improve soon?

By Christopher Renstrom

I have been living with and looking after my father since my mum died earlier this year. His care needs have increased to the extent that he has had to go into a home and now I have to move out of his rented accommodation. I have three months to find a new place to live. Is there anything in my chart to suggest that there will be any opportunities coming my way to help me out of this worrying situation and what type of jobs to look for? 29/03/1959, UK.

Your three month window makes perfect sense when I look at your horoscope. Jupiter moves into your astrological sign of Aries on January 22, 2011 followed by Uranus on March 12, 2011. Both planets are connected to major life changes involving a move or relocation. The fact that your Ruling Planet Mars is in Gemini shows that you will land on your feet. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is always good at escaping a tight spot. Indeed the combination of energies shows that you have both the survivor’s instinct and resourcefulness to get through this trying period. And you will.

But you’re navigating a tricky passage here because you have an obligation to your father as well as to yourself. It’s important to remember in times like these the airplane rule of oxygen masks—first you apply the oxygen to yourself and then you help the person seated next to you. In other words now is the time when you need to take care of yourself because if you don’t then you won’t be of any good to anybody. This is a tall order for anyone who has been a major caregiver because so much of your day has been taken up with looking after your father. Nevertheless you must make yourself the top priority. Your father has a roof over his head and his needs are being administered to whereas the same cannot be said for you.

Mars in Gemini means that you will have no problem finding part-time and/or short-term work. Moreover it will probably be in the neighborhood of what you do—either literally (like geographically in the neighborhood) or figuratively (as in similar to what you’re doing now). Should you be interested—I could see a possibility for some kind of return to school or training when Jupiter passes over your Mercury and Sun in Aries which would be from late February to mid March 2011. This could be government funded or the result of some community program. Jupiter rules higher education, the church, as well as philanthropic institutions. Mars in Gemini is something that shows up a lot in sales and media. It means that you have a companionable nature so you’re good at helping people to access information and resources, to get from one place to the other, and people are comfortable giving you their things for safekeeping. I have seen this placement in the horoscopes of au pairs, nannies, and home companions as well as in the horoscopes of financiers who manage trusts, celebrity handlers, and television producers. It’s quite a range, but the underlying theme for employment is still the same: people entrust you with the things that matter most to them.

My final suggestion is this: don’t worry so much about whether you have the proper credentials or even job experience. You’re a fast learner and you can learn the ropes as you go along. Your primary goal is to land the job. And if affordable housing is an issue, you might consider a temporary roommate situation. I know that that’s anything but ideal, but it would only be temporary– probably until about late May and/or early June 2011.

This article was originally published on November 29, 2010.