Ask the Astrologer: Who’s right for me, and when?

By Christopher Renstrom

My name is Michael, born June 20, 1946 in Charleston, W.Va.  I live in Portland Oregon as a retired architect and active artist painting cityscapes.  I love my life right now, sleeping well and feeling healthy.  I’m active socially being a tango dancer and part of meditation and art groups.  I want a life partner.  And I’m clear what qualities I seek in her.  When would be a good time for me to pursue a relationship?  I am considering online dating.  Also, I just broke up with a lovely woman whom I thought would be an excellent partner (her birthdate: 3/23/48).  She said she just doesn’t love me enough to be my partner, and I think she is just doesn’t want to change her busy life to include me.  I still want to be with her but is she right for me?  Thanks.

Well you sound like someone who’s on a mission to find a life partner and I’m confident you’ll discover a lot of takers when (and if) you decide to pursue on line dating. I would encourage you to check that out as you were born under Mercury and have a talent for making friends easily. You also have a talent for weeding out the unlikely candidates fast, so you should find what you’re looking for without too much fuss.

I’m sorry to hear that things didn’t work out between you and your friend, but I think she’s doing you a favor by telling you to move on. Your horoscopes aren’t as compatible as they could be. Moreover she’s going through a restless period right now where there is a lot of fire energy coursing through her horoscope. She’s going to want to be out and about and pursuing whatever strikes her fancy. The last thing she’s going to feel like doing nowadays is settling down.

You, on the other hand, are clearly looking to settle down. Although Saturn just turned retrograde in Libra (zodiac sign of relationships) and will be traveling backwards until June 13, 2011 this change in direction will give you the opportunity to test-drive some different approaches to dating. It’s always a good idea for Geminis to mix up their routine and to cast a wider net. The recent eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn may have led you to narrow your margins in the past couple of years and to settle for what’s close at hand rather than to pursue what lies outside the reach of your comfort zone. It’s a good idea to explore your choices. Chances are you’ll discover that you have more choices than you thought you had and this could influence what you’re looking for in a life partner.

I expect that you’ll be dating seriously by September 19, 2011 when Saturn emerges from its shadow period. This coincides with a last quarter Moon at 27 degrees Gemini (conjunct your Sun) and that looks very promising to me. As for marriage? Maybe, maybe not. I foresee long discussions about what “life partner” means to you and your new Significant Other and these discussions will continue long into 2012.

This article was originally published on February 8, 2011.