Ask the Astrologer: What’s in my future, in general?

By Christopher Renstrom

My birthdate is June 26, 1974. I live in Derby, CT. I would just like to know about my future—career, love, and family.

Life hasn’t been easy since the summer of 2009 and that’s because of the eclipse cycles that have been rolling through the zodiac signs of Capricorn and Cancer. We have two types of eclipses in Astrology—the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse. Your ruling planet is the Moon so eclipses will always impact you in some way. This becomes even more powerful when the eclipses are taking place in your zodiac sign (Cancer) or the sign opposite you (which is Capricorn). Therefore July 2009, January 15, 2010; June 26, 2010; July 11, 2010; December 21, 2010; and finally January 4, 2011 should be significant dates for you. These would have been times when you had a lot going on with career and family—particularly in June 2010.

Eclipses work like course correctors in Astrology. They introduce dramatic events where you have to make larger-than-life decisions. Sometimes it feels like you’re getting hit with these things from out of left field, but if you sit down and really think about what’s unfolding then you’ll see that the situation you face has been building over a prolonged period and that the eclipse is simply bringing matters to a head. It’s the eclipse’s job to hold your feet to the fire in order to get you to act. My feeling is that you have to make some big decisions regarding career, love, and family. The important thing to remember is that you are in the driver’s seat here. It may feel like you aren’t, but the truth is you are. What’s needed is a clearer idea of where you want to go.

It isn’t easy for you to voice the things you want. As a Cancer you’re deeply feeling and sensitive, but rarely express your own emotions. Cancer is a water sign (which tends to be non-verbal anyway) and the close conjunction of Saturn and retrograde Mercury in your horoscope is going to make you even more guarded when it comes to sharing your true feelings.

This becomes even stronger when I see that your Ruling Planet, the Moon, forms a close conjunction to Pluto. This suggests that you take your relationships and friendships very seriously and that you will go the extra distance for the people in your life. You’re intensely loyal, supportive, and caring. However it does beg the question—do the people in your life do the same for you?

After January 4, 2011 you will be clear of the eclipse cycles. You will be in a very different headspace than the one you’ve been in since the summer of 2009. My feeling is that you will be much more assertive and expressive of what you want. This will lead to substantial changes in all of your relationships—be they personal or professional—in March and April 2011. I can’t really tell from your horoscope if you’re single or married; however what I can say is that by the time that Saturn departs Libra in 2012 you will have the sort of family life that you’ve always wanted.

This article was originally published on December 6, 2010.