Ask the Astrologer: What to do about brother’s infidelity?

By Christopher Renstrom

My brother is being unfaithful to his wife and I do not know whether she knows it or not. He has tried to include me in his infidelity by asking me to be his woman friend’s friend. I REFUSED. He is not happy with my decision not to get involved with his cheating. I also believe that he is bad mouthing me behind my back to family and friends. Can you tell me if he is bad mouthing me? I still love my brother but I do not like him very much for what he is doing to his wife and to me. His birthday is November 5 and my birthday is April 1.

Why are you covering for your brother? I know this isn’t what you meant to do, but it’s what you’re doing nonetheless. Your brother would never have approached you about his woman friend unless he could be sure that you would keep quiet. I know that you refused to befriend her but that’s not the way other people are going to see it and your brother knows it. Scorpios can be very manipulative when they want to be and one of their classic moves for getting people to cooperate is to find a way to make them an accomplice. This ensures your loyalty and your silence because you become equally culpable by not exposing his secret.

It sounds like you were trying to mind your own business when it came to your brother’s affair and it probably would have worked if your brother had done you the courtesy of doing the same. Unfortunately this is not what happened which means that you have to have to start protecting your own interests now or wind up paying the price later.

Does your relationship to your brother mean more to you than your relationship to your family and friends? If it does, then you can continue to look the other way. If it doesn’t—and if it’s your reputation with family and friends that matters most to you– then you need to have a sit down talk with your brother’s wife. And be ready for things to get messy. Things always get messy when two Children of Mars go at it. Mars rules your brother’s sign, Scorpio, as well as your sign Aries. Yet Mars’s recent entrance into your zodiac sign (Mars entered Aries on April 1, 2011) means that Mars is in your corner of the sky until May 2011 and not your brother’s. This gives you the upper hand—but only as long as you exercise it, which would be during this time.

Remember that the truth will come out eventually. In fact, it may already be out which could explain the cool reception you’re receiving from family and friends. They may be wondering about how much you know and why you aren’t saying anything. This will only get worse once your brother goes public with his affair. At that point you’ll be the “bad” guy for having kept quiet. You really must ask yourself why you’re being faithful to someone who doesn’t deserve it because the end result could be you being ostracized for your brother’s infidelity and I don’t think you want that.

This article was originally published on April 4, 2011.