Ask the Astrologer Weekly Question: What to expect from son’s grand trine?

By Christopher Renstrom

My son (born 11/20/91 8:14 am, Orange County, NY) appears to have a grand trine.  What can we expect?  He starts college this fall, majoring in engineering.  Mom in NJ

Your son was born with a grand trine in earth which means that he has at least one planet in each of the three earth signs in his horoscope. In your son’s case he was born with four planets in earth signs in addition to the north node. Each of these planets stands at one point of an enormous triangle that appears when you draw a line from his Moon in Taurus to his Jupiter in Virgo, and then finally to the north node, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn. This triangle is called a “grand trine”. Grand trines confer good fortune and protection in the element where they appear. When the element is earth then you can expect protection in health, wealth, and work. Now grand trines usually show up in the horoscopes of people who have been severely tested in these areas of life, so your son may have undergone periods where he experienced health challenges, financial hardship, or difficulty in school. I wonder about health issues—particularly early in his life. He was born with his Ruling Planets Mars and Pluto conjunct his Sun in Scorpio. One often sees this in the horoscopes where infancy was difficult.

Thankfully that Mars and Pluto energy also gives your son his drive to succeed. He may have been thrown a few roadblocks early on, but these roadblocks make Scorpios even more hell-bent on mastering their circumstances. I like that he’s majoring in engineering because Mars is the planet of machines and Pluto is all about harnessing power—whether it’s oil, electric, water, or an alternative energy source. These planets will work nicely with the grand earth trine because the earth signs are Astrology’s builders. They’re famous for their hard work, industry, and love of structure and design. Finally Uranus—the planet that is the most closely connected to architecture, engineering, and design—is almost exactly conjunct his north node in Capricorn. The north node rules over “where you are going” in the horoscope so this is yet another indicator that your son is on the right path.

The Jupiter in Virgo up in the 9th house says that this is a very scholarship friendly chart and that your son can expect to receive money through higher learning institutions. He also has good luck with philanthropic institutions and should keep that in mind for future grants. Finally, your son should always think BIG. Jupiter is the planet of governments, so he would do well working for a city or state government. And by the way, that doesn’t necessarily mean he will remain in the United States. Jupiter in the 9th house could indicate working for the United States government overseas OR working for an overseas government. In any case first thing’s first and that’s getting through school. It looks like your son will be taking on quite a workload this fall, so remind him to keep his eyes on the prize because it’s a prize that will yield enormous dividends later.

This article was originally published on August 15, 2010.