Ask the Astrologer Weekly Question: What does an eclipse in Cancer near my b-day mean?

By Christopher Renstrom

Hi there. I noticed that there is an eclipse in Cancer, right before my birthday June 27th. Any insights or tidbits you can give me on how this eclipse will be affecting me? Thanks!

Yes, you have a lunar eclipse taking place at 4 degrees Capricorn on June 26, 2010 on the day before your birthday. This is important for two reasons. The first is that you were born under the zodiac sign of Cancer which means that your Ruling Planet is the Moon. This makes you a natural conduit for lunar eclipse energy. The second reason is that the lunar eclipse creates a “full moon” effect in your astrological chart which means that this will be an extremely emotional time for you. All of your wants, needs, cravings, and passions will come to the surface—including the ones you didn’t know you had. Now I’m not saying that this will transform you into a werewolf, but things could get a bit hair-raising. Obviously it’s not a good time for making any major life decisions, but rest assured that you’ll be thinking clearly again by July 11th.
The simple rule of thumb for surviving a lunar eclipse is to let anything that’s on iffy footing collapse and fall by the wayside. There’s nothing you can do to salvage it because it’s outlived its purpose and you need to move on. Sometimes this is good because the lunar eclipse allows us to shed old habits and dead-end routines that have been getting in our way for months and sometimes this is bad because we may be surprised to learn that it was our job or relationship or health that was in worse shape than we thought. Like I said, the eclipse will be taking place at 4 degrees Capricorn, so it looks to me like it will be concentrated mostly in the area of relationships. You could be parting company with a spouse, lover, or business partner or you could be saying good-bye to an old way of doing things. The nice thing about lunar energy is that every ending plants the seeds for a new beginning—which you should see materialize some time around September 30, 2010.
Meanwhile you will be taking a serious bottom-line view of the things that are—or are not—working in your life. There will be no more fence-sitting or waiting around for people to make up their minds. Your focus will be on getting your house in order—both literally and figuratively. This is good in that you will feel very motivated and you’ll be actively making changes instead of just talking about them, however this same energy could cause you to be short-tempered and impatient with your nearest and dearest. You’ll want to keep an eye out for that and maybe even call “time outs” for yourself during the day so that you can remember to breathe and relax. Lunar eclipse energy may not be the easiest kind of energy to work with, but six months from now you’ll see that it was the very thing you needed in order to start living the life you want to live instead of the life you feel like you have to live.

This article was originally published on July 4, 2010.