Ask the Astrologer Weekly Question: Old love to rekindle?

By Christopher Renstrom

I have been in touch with an old boyfriend after 35 years. He was my first. I believe we still care for each other. When we talk, it feels as though we were never apart. We live about two hours driving distance apart. Do you see us reuniting in the near future? I am single and I believe he was married, but I’m not sure if he is single now. If he is married, I will cut my losses and move on. My birthday is 04/01/1955 and his is 03/22/1954. He lives in Alabama and I live in Georgia. Please advise.

The first order of the day is to find out if he’s married or not. If he is, then that’s the end of that. If he isn’t, then I would encourage you to proceed.

The strongest pairings in Astrology are between people who are born under the same zodiac sign. You and your old boyfriend were both born under Aries and this is good because Aries is a cardinal sign. The cardinal signs are the zodiac signs connected to the equinoxes (like Aries and Libra) and the solstices (like Cancer and Capricorn). They take life seriously and expect everyone else to do the same. What this says to me is that you and your old boyfriend are both on the same page when it comes exploring the possibilities of entering into a relationship now.

However you do need to pay attention to one thing and that’s the fact that your old boyfriend was born with his Venus in Aries. Venus is the planet of relationships in Astrology and truth to tell she doesn’t do so well in Aries. People born with Venus in Aries tend to be combative and argumentative. In a man’s chart it can signal someone who can be passionate one moment and then “over it” the next. My sense is that he doesn’t have the greatest track record with women because he either runs hot and cold or he gets too critical and controlling. These qualities will be exacerbated during the time that Venus is retrograde (October 8, 2010 through November 18, 2010) so be on the look out for it. This won’t be an easy time for him (or you) and he’ll be doing the three steps forward two steps back shuffle. If you guys can make it through to December then I would say that your future together looks pretty good.

What I like about your two horoscopes is that his Venus in Aries is conjunct your Sun. What this says is that you “get” him. You understand where he’s coming from and probably don’t mind his provocative remarks too much because you have a thick skin and will likely fire back with some choice comments of your own. The strongest link between two people born under Mars (which is your Ruling Planet) is the camaraderie. You two will always be there for each other. If things don’t work out between you, then you still couldn’t ask for a better friend; and if things do work out love-wise? Then you will see that it was well worth the effort by the spring of 2011!

This article was originally published on September 11, 2010.