Ask the Astrologer Weekly Question: Is this the life of a Capricorn?

July 11, 2010

Christopher Renstrom

My birth date is 12/31/1961. I have my Sun, Mercury, Venus, & Mars in Capricorn with the eclipse of 12/31/09 falling on my birthday and Pluto moving into Capricorn. I finally ended a 12 year relationship with a Scorpio and started a new job with a demanding boss and co-workers who don’t work as hard as me and are paid much more. Will life get better for me or is this the life of a Capricorn? I’ve also met an intriguing man who is 18 years my junior. Should I pursue a relationship? TW in NJ

There’s never a dull moment when you have eclipses rolling through your sign at the same time that Pluto is passing over Venus and Mars in your horoscope. Everything feels intense and like you’re playing for high stakes. And you are. But this is also the best time to make changes because you won’t feel weighed down by responsibilities or held back by obligations.

There are two very different things going on in your horoscope right now. You’re dealing with eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer and you’re dealing with Pluto. Let’s begin with the eclipses. Eclipses have one job to do in Astrology and that’s to get your life back on track so that you’re living the life you want to live and not the life you feel like you have to live. This makes me want to ask if you took your current job for the financial security? If so, then you need to rethink the game plan because it’s not a good sign if you’re working for a demanding boss and colleagues whom you feel don’t work as hard as you but still get paid more. You’re at a point in your life where you are probably more accomplished than you think but you’re never going to know it (much less own it) if you keep working for lesser lights. When you’re born with a stellium of planets in Capricorn like you were then you need to be the person in charge otherwise you will always be chomping at the bit. My advice is to focus less on the money (it’s not going to bring you the security that you think it will) and more on the kind of job or career that you feel would be fulfilling. Even if you have to accept an entry-level position with another organization, you will be much happier doing something that excites and enlivens you. Do this and the money will come.

Meanwhile Pluto going over your Venus and Mars is all about that intriguing man who’s eighteen years your junior. Venus is love, Mars is passion, and Pluto introduces the slightly naughty, taboo element that makes the whole thing irresistible. This may be exactly what you need right now to feel like you’re your own person again and if the fellow’s game—why not? My only advice would be to treat this like an energy bar—something to hold you over between meals—and not like the real deal. You have a lot of things to figure out between now and the summer of 2011 which is when the eclipse energies will have run their course.