Ask the Astrologer Weekly Question: Housing market woes

By Christopher Renstrom

My birthday is August 26th.  I currently reside in Utah.  I have had my house on the market since June 2010.  I have lowered the price several times, but have not sold it yet. My questions are: Will I sell or rent my house and when?

2010 has not been an easy one for Virgos because of Saturn’s return to your sign in early April. Saturn is the planet of trials and tribulations. When Saturn is in your sign it tends to burden you with heavy debts and responsibilities. Things that used to come easily become much more difficult to attain and anything that was supposed to go off without a hitch is bogged down by delays and unforeseen complications.

Usually Saturn takes just two years to travel through one astrological sign which means that 2007 through 2009 would have been the time when you would have had to contend with the challenging energies of this planet. However Saturn tagged on an extra four months when it retrograded back down into Virgo on April 7, 2010. If you put your house on the market in June 2010 then that means that you were still under Saturn’s influence. As you might imagine this isn’t exactly conducive to the sale or rental of a home. My advice as an astrologer would be to take the house off the market and to try again later. You see Astrology doesn’t tell you what to do as much as it tells you when to do it. When you begin a venture under Saturn then that Saturn energy will always be there. However if you were to take the house off the market and try again, then that new “sale” falls under a different alignment of planets—hopefully one that doesn’t involve Saturn in such an adverse position. Think of it as a cosmic reboot.

That said, I would suggest waiting until June 2011 to put your house on the market again. I know how that sounds like forever and a day, but Jupiter will be in a much more favorable position next June which means that you should get a better return on the value of your home. The reason I’m not gung-ho about you trying to sell anytime sooner is because you are currently under the shadow of a lunar eclipse that really won’t lift until after December of this year. It’s a dicey time (especially when you factor in the Venus retrograde that lasts through November) and I don’t think it’s worth the aggravation of trying to push something through when you don’t have to. There is the outside possibility of selling between January and March 2011, but it looks a bit rocky. It can be done, but it would require a lot of fancy footwork on your part.

Meanwhile you might want to try renting it. This looks like it would mitigate your costs and allow you to “tread water” so to speak. You were born under Mercury—the planet of short journeys and itinerants (which is what renters are). You may have a big turnover between now and next February, but at least you would have money coming in and that’s still a plus in today’s economy.

This article was originally published on September 19, 2010.