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Ask the Astrologer: Saturn Returning

By Christopher Renstrom

Opening up to new love.
by Christopher Renstrom

I’ve been divorced for over 10 years now and have really focused on raising my children. Now that they’re getting older, I would love to put more effort into dating. Will I have love in my life in the near future? My birth date is October 14, 1958.

You were born under Libra, the zodiac sign of relationships, so it’s hard for me to imagine that all of your focus has gone into raising your children for the past 10 years. It is nearly impossible for a Libra to remain single for long, and given that your ruling planet, Venus, is also in Libra, I’d say that you’ve always had someone on hand for a date and perhaps even a tryst. But just because you have someone in your life doesn’t necessarily make him a desirable partner. My suspicion is that you’re feeling the urge to marry again, and if this is indeed the case, then you’ll need to make more of a personal emotional investment.

Libras have a reputation for fence-sitting. This gives the impression that you’re wishy-washy, but that’s actually a misnomer. You’re a cardinal sign, so you know what you want right when you see it, but Libras prefer the indirect approach. Your zodiac sign is very “you” oriented, which is why you will always want to know what other people think first, or you’ll ask them what they would like to do before making any suggestions of your own. This is very strategic, since it’s by getting the other person to lower his guard and to open up that you learn all kinds of things about him, while disclosing very little information about yourself. This allows you to subtly take the reins in a relationship without becoming bossy or obvious. Moreover, if things go wrong you can always say that it was his idea or you were only doing what he asked you to do. It’s a safe way of relating, but it’s not very intimate.

From 1996 through 1999, Saturn, the planet of trials and tribulations, was in your opposite sign of Aries—which sounds like that was also the time when you were divorcing. It has taken Saturn this long to travel halfway across the horoscope to your sign, Libra, which means that the issues you were dealing with then will be coming back into your life now. Usually Saturn in your sign isn’t good news, except that Saturn happens to be exalted in Libra. “Exalted” means that Saturn will be on its best behavior, so not only does this show that there’s love in your near future, but it’s likely that you’ll marry again in the autumn of 2011. However there’s one caveat and it’s this: It’s easy for you to share your physical space, but you’re not big on sharing your emotional space. This time around, make a point of speaking up and talking about your wants, desires and needs. There’s no guarantee that they’ll always be met (relationships are all about negotiation and compromise), but at least you’ll establish a nice give-and-take and that back-and-forth flow between partners is the cornerstone to any healthy relationship.

This article was originally published on January 28, 2010.