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Ask the Astrologer: Saturn Return; a rite of passage

By Christopher Renstrom

Take special note if you’re 28-30 or 58-60.
by Christopher Renstrom

CATALYST welcomes astrologer Christopher Renstrom to our cast of writers. (Read an interview with him with Amie Tullius in the Jan. 09 issue, available online.) Renstrom is the author of “Ruling Planets” and writes the daily horoscope for the San Francisco Chronicle’s online entity He moved to SLC from NYC last year and is enjoying getting to know us. If you have a question you would like him to address, send it, along with the date and time of your birth, to Christopher@

My DOB is 12/28/1951 and my husband’s is 3/12/1943. Our problems are mostly financial. He’s retired and I am a homemaker. I am afraid of being broke and losing everything. Do you see any improvements with our financial situation? Have you any suggestions to help us? Thank-you,

You’re a Capricorn, so fear of being broke and losing everything is practically written into your cosmic DNA. But it’s important to remember that this is a fear and not a reality. You’d feel this way if you had one dollar in the bank or a million-which is why friends don’t take your money woes too seriously. You’re probably the most economically savvy person they know. But it sounds like the strategies that used to work no longer do, and that you need a more creative means of making ends meet. This would be perfectly in keeping with the fact that you are about to enter your second Saturn return.
Once every 28 to 30 years Saturn returns to where it was in the sky on the day you were born. A Saturn return is astrology’s version of a “rite of passage.” It symbolizes a time when you leave behind your old life to embrace the new.
The first Saturn return (ages 28 to 30) is all about getting set up in life. This is when many people marry, start a family, or get serious about their careers. The second Saturn return (ages 58 to 60) acts more like a personal renaissance. Instead of asking “What will I do when I grow up?” (first Saturn return), the question becomes, “Now that I’m grown up, what am I doing?” In many ways the second Saturn return is more important because it’s when you come into yourself. This is especially true for you because you’re a Capricorn, and Saturn is your Ruling Planet. People born under Saturn (this includes Aquarians as well) tend to be old souls and late bloomers. You age backwards with every passing decade so that you actually become younger as you grow older. The end result is that you’re more spirited, bold, and light-hearted at 60 than you were at 20.
Fear paralyzes most people, but it’s a big motivator for Capricorns. Anxiety about finances could be the very thing that emboldens you to do the things that you’d never allow yourself to do otherwise. Now you may ask yourself: What do you know about making money? After all, you’ve been a homemaker all your life. But as anyone who watches daytime cable knows, people need all kinds of help when it comes to organizing their living spaces, bank accounts or overall day. And given that your ruling planet Saturn is in Libra, you have all the makings of an organizer, shopper or life coach. All you have to do is to identify your particular niche (what do you do better than everyone else?), hang out a shingle, and people will pay top dollar for your advice and insight.

This article was originally published on August 29, 2009.