Ask the Astrologer: Promotion a right fit for me?

By Christopher Renstrom

My DOB is 4/20/68 and I live in Florida. I received a job promotion several months ago. I really wasn’t looking for the promotion; it just fell into my lap. I don’t want to let the person down who offered me the job. He really seemed like he believed in me. I also want to prove to myself that I’m up for the extra responsibility. Is this the right fit for me? Do you see me really making a success of this new job?

Yes, I do see you making a success of this new job, but I can also see where the insecurities stem from in your astrological chart. It’s hard to feel like you’re doing a good job at anything when you’re born with your Ruling Planet Venus conjunct Saturn in Aries. Saturn is the planet of tests in Astrology so when your Venus falls in close proximity to this planet then you will always feel inadequate or insecure—especially around men. Thankfully this is all subjective– it’s more about your feelings and self-esteem than it is about what’s really going on in the world around you, but that doesn’t lessen the anxiety or make the apprehensions go away. Each of us has a unique approach to self-confidence. Some people are born feeling like they’re on top of the world while others feel like self-confidence is a show. Some people need everyone to believe in them and then there are those who discover the courage of their convictions by rejecting the expectations that have been foisted on them. But for you, self-confidence comes from rising to the challenges that life puts in front of you. It isn’t always easy, but it’s the best and most heroic expression of Venus in Aries. You are hell-bent on proving yourself—no matter what.

Yet the problem with being a Child of Venus is that others often seen the potential in you long before you do. And this can leave you asking “what do they see in me?” This blind spot can lead you to hide your talents and abilities under a bushel out of fear that you might disappoint people who have a high opinion of you. I think you can rest assured that you wouldn’t have been offered this promotion unless the person who offered it to you felt confident that you could do it in the first place. I think that you can also be assured that this person knows that there would have been a learning curve and he’s probably more patient about your progress than you are.

Right now several planets are making their way through the zodiac sign of Aries. This increase in fire energy will do a lot to boost your spirits, energy, confidence, and resolve. It’s true that you will have your struggles—like the week of April 3rd and the first week of May—but I am confident that you’ll master them especially with benevolent Jupiter entering your own zodiac sign on June 4th. Jupiter is all about evolution and growth. This will be the time when you will really feel like you’re getting the hang of things and like you’re showcasing your talents and abilities in ways that you didn’t know you could before.

This article was originally published on March 21, 2011.