Ask the Astrologer: May 23-29 — Clearing out dead wood

By Christopher Renstrom

I was involved with a guy for the last several years, but we parted ways last November. Our parting wasn’t the best and we haven’t talked since. Do you think that things are completely over between us?  His birthday is 6/18/1982. My birthday is 1/19/1980.

Your break up last November coincides with two astrological events that took place in your horoscope. Your Ruling Planet Saturn entered Libra—the zodiac sign of relationships—on October 29, 2009 while the north node was passing over your Sun in Capricorn. Let’s begin with Saturn. Saturn is the planet of tests. It tests for weaknesses and it will poke around in those areas of life where we are most vulnerable. Now Saturn doesn’t do this to be invasive, it does this in order to remove the dead wood from our lives so that we clear the way for new growth. “Dead wood” can mean a lot of things, but it’s usually a situation that we’ve outgrown—like a relationship that has overstayed its welcome or a job that we cling to out of a false sense of security. Simply put your relationship was on weak footing and Saturn was signaling that it was time for you to move on. This is confirmed by the north node passing over your Sun at the same time. The north and south nodes refer to the lunar nodes in Astrology. The north node is called the Caput Draconis (the Dragon’s head) and the south node is called the Cauda Dragonis (the Dragon’s tail). The north node symbolizes where you are going in life while the south node symbolizes where you have been. As the north node was passing over your Sun in Capricorn the south node was moving through Cancer—the zodiac sign of hearth and home. This suggests that you were involved in setting up a home before you were ready to and that if things had continued between you and your boyfriend then you would have started making choices based on putting your relationship first and your career second. Now that would be OK if you’re a Cancer or a Virgo, but you’re a Capricorn and Capricorns need to get on out there and scale the heights of their career or they’ll regret it. Think of it as the Stars’ way of saying that you need to be all that you can be. So does this mean that you have to sacrifice love for work? No. In fact I expect to see you involved in a very serious relationship by October 2011, but you need to establish yourself in your career first. You were born with Ruling Planet Saturn in Virgo which means you won’t be ready to commit to anyone until you’ve worked out your work life and set up your own income. Staking out one’s territory is very important for the earth signs (the earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) and once that’s done then you’ll be ready for a relationship. It’s analogous to being made to eat all your vegetables before you can have dessert, but from the looks of your horoscope I’d say that the dessert will be worth it.

This article was originally published on May 23, 2010.