Ask the Astrologer: May 16-22 — Seeds of love

By Christopher Renstrom

My name is Irene. I live in Connecticut. My birth date is June 8, 1966. Will I have a romantic relationship or date Mike, birth date April 6, or anyone else soon?

You’re coming out of a challenging period that began in late 2007 when Saturn, the planet of tests, entered Virgo. Saturn in Virgo would have tested you in areas of your life that pertained to health, finances, and work. Whatever the issues—or the responsibilities—they would have built up slowly over time until they eclipsed just about everything in 2009. 2009 might have been a year when you were struggling with health matters, working long hours or perhaps spending long hours looking for work or waiting on loved ones hand and foot. In any case it’s not until recently that you would have felt like situations were back under control and that you could start to focus on other areas of your life—like love. Now this Saturn influence will still be with you until May 23, 2010 so I wouldn’t expect to see much of anything romance-wise before then. However things can—and will—change considerably around the time that Uranus enters Aries on May 27, 2010. Uranus is the planet of revolution and change in Astrology. And when Uranus enters Aries on May 27th, it will create a square to your Mercury in Cancer. This is a pretty big deal because Mercury is your Ruling Planet. What this says is that you will undergo some electrifying changes in your private life and they should be dramatic and exciting. But you should also know that these changes will be volatile and unpredictable. Now these changes could involve Mike. Uranus is moving into the zodiac sign of Aries after all and Mike is an Aries. But it could also mean that Mike serves as a catalyst for change in your life, so you have to be open to that possibility as well. In other words you may go on a date with Mike and find that you like him, but not romantically; or that you two hit it off but then things fizzle out quickly. One must always expect the unexpected when Uranian energy is strong because Uranus is like that bolt out of the blue that strikes us without warning and winds up turning our lives around. Now if things work out between you and Mike—great! But if they don’t, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much if I were you because Jupiter—another eye-opening and life-expanding planet– will also be crossing over into Aries in June and forming a square to your Ruling Planet Mercury in Cancer. The upshot is that Uranus and Jupiter will work together to change the fixtures in your life—and for the better but only if you’re willing to get into the spirit of adventure and to let yourself try things that you wouldn’t normally try. Things rarely turn out the way that we imagine when Uranus and Jupiter energy is strong, but chances are that whatever takes place this summer will pave the way to a long-term relationship that begins in earnest in early 2011.

This article was originally published on May 16, 2010.