Ask the Astrologer: I’m an Aquarius, but feel like a Pisces—Why?

I was born February 13, 1975 and live in Philadelphia. Sometimes I feel like more of a Pisces. My Moon, Jupiter and Venus are in Pisces. Is there any truth to this?

I can think of a couple of reasons for why you would feel this way. The first is that you have a stellium of planets in Pisces. Pisces is a water sign. And a stellium is when you have three or more planets in one sign. Whenever you have a grouping of planets in one zodiac sign like you do, then those planets are naturally going to draw more attention to themselves. The Moon symbolizes “what I feel”, Jupiter symbolizes “what I believe”, and Venus symbolizes “what I like”. Venus in your horoscope describes what attracts you and the way that you relate to people. These planets in Pisces say that you have tremendous empathy for everyone you meet. You believe that people’s actions have a wide ripple effect which is why we all have a moral obligation to take responsibility for the things that we do in life. You also like to hang out with imaginative and deeply feeling people who understand where you’re coming from on a soulful level.

Your two Ruling Planets are also in water signs. Your Saturn is in Cancer and your Uranus is in Scorpio. This infuses even more water energy into your horoscope so that you really do pick up on what lies beneath the surface. Aquarians don’t always get this personal in their day-to-day exchanges—but you do.

Your Sun sign is the heart of the chart. It’s your identity and it shows you where your center is. The wonderful thing about being an Aquarian is that you are connected to other people, but you don’t get lost in other people. You have strong opinions, a set way of doing things, and a fundamental belief that there is a greater design at work in the way that we live. This is very useful when you have as much water as you do in your horoscope because the air energy of Aquarius allows you step outside of a situation and to study it objectively. There are times when you will have to make decisions based on what’s right for someone and this may fly in the face of what that person wants and may even hurt their feelings. This is when that Aquarian objectivity can be very useful. If you were all water then you wouldn’t be able to do that because you would feel too attuned to that person’s emotional life. The inability to draw boundaries is when water signs can go from being supporters to enablers.

The beauty of getting to know all the planets in your horoscope is that you can see what each planet brings to the table. Sometimes the planets will be on the “same page”—like with your Moon being in Pisces along with your Jupiter and Venus—and sometimes they’ll approach situations very differently: like with your Sun in Aquarius. What’s nice is that you were born with such a wide variety of experiences to draw from and that the planets will work together to give you a rich and eclectic worldview.