Ask the Astrologer: How to remove the spiritual glue?

By Christopher Renstrom

I can’t seem to put into practice all that I’ve learned with training, books, etc. I want so much to BE the light I know I really am spiritually (not religiously) but can’t seem to keep the motivation going long enough to manifest the change I desire. I hate this feeling of being so stuck. Please help me remove the glue! My birthday is July 6, 1947.

I don’t think you’re stuck. But I wonder if you have a clear idea of what “being the light” truly is? Is it possible that you already practice what you’ve learned spiritually, but don’t recognize it?

Astrology is divided up into four elements: water, earth, air, and fire. Water rules emotions, earth rules our material existence, air rules our intellect, and fire symbolizes the spirit. The fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These three signs all yearn for spiritual experiences, but it is Leo that is the most ME about it. It’s this Leo part of your horoscope (you were born with Saturn and Pluto in Leo) that wants to experience firsthand what it’s like to be a beacon of light to others by unlocking the spirit within.

You were born with Pluto in Leo in the ninth house and the ninth house is the house of religion and philosophy in Astrology. What this says to me is that you’ve had a number of very powerful and personal experiences that have made you question life and the way that life works. You don’t buy into any of the easy answers for sale on the shelves of our spiritual marketplaces. You’ve done a lot of questing and questioning over the years and I imagine that you have a healthy respect and appreciation for the mystery in our lives. What you feel in your gut– and in your heart of hearts– is always going to be your personal touchstone when you have Pluto in Leo in your horoscope.

But you also have Saturn right next to Pluto here in Leo. Saturn is the planet of doubt and fear. When Saturn is powerful– like it is in this position– then you will find yourself doubting the authenticity of your spiritual experiences. You will ask yourself: are my experiences REALLY that spiritual? Do I REALLY make a difference? How can I talk about belief when I question so much?

Friending your doubts is the life mission of Saturn in Leo and that’s because doubts have a unique role to play. We could never believe in anything or tap into the power of faith unless we had doubts. Our doubts give weight to our convictions and depth to our philosophy. Questioning leads us to press further with our intellect, our heart, and our spirit. Otherwise these qualities would atrophy. I think you play a more pivotal role in people’s lives than you give yourself credit for. And if you don’t believe me then try asking those who come to your for support and guidance. Sometimes we think that spiritual experiences are supposed to be these big AHA moments—and they aren’t. Oftentimes they’re just simple passages where you help someone to glimpse the highest in themselves—and then encourage them to live according to that.

This article was originally published on October 26, 2010.