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Ask the Astrologer: Deep questioning

By Christopher Renstrom

An auspicious Jupiter expands horizons.
by Christopher Renstrom

I’ve added meditation to my life and it has been beneficial in more than one way. It has, however, got me questioning big life decisions—namely marriage. Everything in me wants the life as a wife and mother, yet part of me feels that I will serve the world and my purpose more by remaining single. I want both, but find the struggle in the attachment of one or the other. My birthday is December 7, 1978.

You were born under Jupiter—the planet of moral questions and philosophical ideas. Jupiter is connected to long journeys, higher education, religion and philanthropy. People with Jupiter powerful in their horoscopes are always looking to expand their horizons—both physically and metaphysically. Not content to be an armchair tourist or a web-browsing bystander, you want to experience everything that life has to offer. It’s why children of Jupiter are drawn to careers in the travel industry, foreign service, missionary work and international causes that benefit humanity on a global level. Born under the largest planet in the solar system, it’s only natural for you to think BIG. And when you have Jupiter ruling both your Sun sign (Sagittarius) and your Moon sign (Pisces), it makes perfect sense that you would feel called upon to make a personal difference in the world.

But making a personal difference doesn’t mean that you stop being a person. Wanting to marry and to have children would play as much a factor in any choice you make as remaining single would. I don’t think being a wife and mother precludes serving the world. I have read horoscopes for several Sagittarians and Pisceans who don’t think twice about packing up their kids and trundling off to some exotic locale to do field work or help a village dig an irrigation canal. It just requires some creative planning—and making sure that you marry the right partner.

What lies at the root of this is freedom. Freedom is a big word for Sagittarians—they see it as an inalienable right—but you always have to ask yourself what kind of freedom are you looking for exactly? Is it freedom from—which means avoiding situations and commitments that you fear would fence you in? Or is it freedom to do: making life decisions that further your spiritual evolution? Marriage is not a bridle designed to keep you in line.

The downside to being born under the sign of the Centaur is the assumption that people want take away your freedom or that they want to break you. It’s the horsey part of your zodiacal nature. That’s why it’s so important not to bolt in the opposite direction when facing these big life questions. Finding a life partner who shares your values is not a tall order, but it takes some looking. Next year, embrace the spirit of adventure that Jupiter in Pisces will bring (it’s there from January 17 to June 6, 2010 and then again from September 9, 2010 to January 21, 2011) and you’ll discover that special someone who enriches your world as much as you enrich his. u


This article was originally published on November 1, 2009.