Ask the Astrologer: Best time for dentist?

By Christopher Renstrom

I am terrified to go to the dentist.  I really am in need of lots of dental work.  Can you tell me when would be a good time for me to look for a dentist?  I have not had the best of luck, it seems things always go wrong with the work they do.  DOB 8/30/1949 born in KY 

The best time for you to look for a dentist would be after June 12, 2011 when Saturn comes out of retrograde.  Saturn is the planet that rules teeth and right now it is traveling backwards through the zodiac sign of Libra.  Retrograde refers to a backwards motion and it’s really not the best time to start anything new which is why I recommend that you wait until June 12 before you start your search.  

After the 12th things look good because Saturn is exalted in Libra.  Exaltations are always positive because it means that the planet is on its best behavior when it’s in this zodiac sign.  Instead of working against you, Saturn will be working for you.  This is made all the more favorable when I see that you were born with your Ruling Planet Mercury in Libra in your horoscope.  Translation?  Your Ruling Planet Mercury in Libra gives you strength and protection so that the affiliation between Mercury and Saturn at this time ensures that things should turn out better than they have before vis-à-vis your dental health.

I think it’s a good idea to interview dentists in person before you sit down in that chair.  This is the best way to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Any dentist who can’t make the time to meet with you is clearly a dentist that you don’t want to be working with.  Most dentists nowadays understand people’s apprehensions and are happy to walk you through what they do.  I believe that this would go a long way towards putting you at ease.  You need to be at ease with the person who will be doing all of this work—especially considering the tremendous investment of your time and money.  Do this and you’ll feel more informed, empowered, and like the dentist is your friend.  This will make all the difference in the world and turn a potentially frightening experience into a productive one.

This article was originally published on June 7, 2011.