Ask the Astrologer: Baby on the way soon?

By Christopher Renstrom

My husband (8/21/1981) and I (9/4/80) are trying for a baby after a miscarriage.  I am trying to be patient and let things take their time but it is very hard to wait! Can you please let us know when we could expect some good news? We are in Chicago and we can’t wait for our little bundle of joy!

I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriage and I can certainly understand why you would want to get pregnant again as soon as possible. However I would advise against trying to get pregnant right now because there are certain planetary alignments that are currently working against you and you need to wait for these to clear up. Otherwise you will be moving against the current of events and making life unnecessarily difficult.

Astrology is calendar. Which is why every major civilization on the planet—whether it’s Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, or Meso-American—developed some form of Astrology. Astrology doesn’t tell you what to do in life as much as when to do it.

You were born under a stellium of planets in Virgo. You have the Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury in Virgo and lastly Saturn—the planet of delays and obstacles—at 27 degrees Virgo. Saturn is the planet that catches my eye when I examine your horoscope because Saturn was traveling through the zodiac sign of Virgo from September 2, 2007 through July 21, 2010. This coincides with your Saturn return and it’s the Saturn return that would have made this recent 2 ½ period extremely difficult. Saturn in Virgo would have had a stressful impact on work, health, and body. What makes this even more pertinent is that Saturn is the ruler of your fifth house in your horoscope. The fifth house is the house of children. Long story short? This recent 2 ½ period would not have been a good or easy time to become pregnant.

It is still not a good or easy time to become pregnant. Why? Remember that your Saturn is at 27 degrees Virgo. We have an upcoming lunar eclipse at 29 degrees Gemini on December 21, 2010. This creates a square—which symbolizes conflict in Astrology. Moreover the lunar eclipse influences pregnancy and therefore both the square and the lunar eclipse would make this a time when you are not at your physical peak. This is compounded by the upcoming Jupiter and Uranus conjunction at 27 degrees Pisces on January 4, 2011 which will be exactly opposite your Saturn at 27 degrees Virgo.

You really don’t want to do anything before Uranus departs Pisces on April 3, 2011 and even then I would strongly recommend that you wait until Jupiter enters Taurus on June 4, 2011. This looks to be a stable and fertile period for you and for two reasons. The first is that Jupiter in Taurus (June 2011 through June 2012) will form an earth trine to your stellium of planets in Virgo and this is good because earth trines confer physical strength and endurance along with “protection”. The second reason is that your husband’s Moon is in Taurus and Jupiter in this part of his horoscope will also increase his fertility. All in all June 2011 looks ideal for conceiving a child.

This article was originally published on December 20, 2010.