Ask the Astrologer: Apr 18-24 — Real or rebound?

By Christopher Renstrom

I’m in the process of getting a divorce and have been seeing my new man (9/23/63) for about two months. He recently told me that he was concerned about being the “rebound guy” in the relationship and that he was looking forward to getting past the infatuation stage because that’s when you can tell if it’s real love. Our next date was non-sexual—which was a shock after six weeks of mutual intimacy and adoration—but still enjoyable. When it was time to go I asked when he wanted to meet again. He looked at his calendar and said that his next available date was two weeks away. I had previously let him know that I wanted to see him at least weekly so I was upset by his date idea. What do you think? Should I prepare myself for the end? My birthday is May 6, 1963.

Mercury just turned retrograde on April 17th. Mercury is the planet of communication in Astrology and there tends to be a spike in misunderstandings, mixed messages, and good intentions paving the way to hellish situations when this planet starts moving backwards in the sky. Mercury will be retrograde in your zodiac sign, Taurus, until May 11th. When you factor in that Mercury is also your new man’s Ruling Planet, then it only goes to show that you two won’t be on the same wavelength for a couple of weeks. If you knew each other better or had more of a history together then you would probably ride this out without too much stress, but given that you’ve just met and are likely feeling vulnerable and uncertain, then it might be wise to slow down for now.

It sounds like you two have moved passed the initial infatuation and are into the testing stage. He’s testing you by withdrawing. His big question is: Are you going to give him his space, or are you going to get all clingy and needy when he wants his alone time? It’s every Virgo man’s nightmare. Now the fact that his abrupt withdrawal brought about the very response he was hoping to avoid probably never occurred to him, but like I said—he’s not exactly coming from his smartest self while Mercury’s retrograde. Meanwhile you’re testing him by scheduling things in advance. I suspect it’s your way of testing for foreseeable signs of rejection. I don’t know if it’s wise for you to be setting up a timetable at this point because it kind of takes the spontaneity out of things. Nobody likes to feel like an item on someone’s to-do list—even if that person is a Virgo. I know that you’re going through a divorce. You want a shoulder to lean on and someone to talk to (who doesn’t?) and I think he’ll become that eventually. You two have some very nice planetary aspects in your horoscopes. But right now you’re still getting to know each other and that means learning how to read each other’s signals. Give him his space and you’ll see him popping up again (and with added frequency) after Mercury comes out of retrograde on May 11th.

This article was originally published on April 18, 2010.