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The Artist at Home:Michelle Contrat

By Emma Ryder

Artists draw inspiration from their curated living spaces. (Part two in a four-part series).

Painter Michelle Condrat’s studio sits on the second floor of a modest office building in Bountiful. It’s not your normal studio space—she shares a hall with therapists and lawyers, not fellow artists. But it’s quiet, with north-facing windows that provide perfectly diffused light all day, and it has enough room to keep her computer far away from accidental solvent spills. Her favorite part about this space is that it’s hers alone.

Condrat’s studio is a functional space that supports a prolific artist. The walls are lined with over a dozen works in progress for the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, a plein air festival (her third of the season) set for September 9-17.


Emma Ryder is a writer and photographer from Salt Lake City. PR and marketing assistant at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and a former Catalyst staffer.

This article was originally published on September 1, 2017.