Art Happenings: Round-up for April 2-8

By Adele Flail

Welcome back for another exciting week of art! Classes, multi-disciplinary crossover exhibits and more!

Monday April 2

This is short notice, but tonight’s photography class, offered by Lifelong Learning at the U, is all about being prepared to hop-to when it comes to capturing the picturesque. With “Smartphone Photography,” you’ll learn how to get the most out of the one camera that is always conveniently to hand. The class will cover shooting techniques, as well as the comparative advantages and limitations of smartphone shooting, and will explore apps for added customization of your photos. The class will be taught by Trent Nelson, chief photographer for the Salt Lake Trib, and a veteran iPhone journalist: having captured over 30,000 images on his cell-phone camera, Nelson could probably make that butt-dialed shot taken from inside your back pocket look spectacular. Tuition is $75, and you can expect to spend about $10 on apps. If you need more time to sync your phone and clear all of those pictures of your thumb from your harddrive (ahem), another section will be taught by Grayson West in June.

University of Utah, Annex, 1901 E South Campus Dr., 6:30-8:30PM. 


Thursday April 5

Another offering from Lifelong Learning, the Palette to Palate: Art & Wine class taught at the Utah Museum of Fine Art will appeal to those who are easily satisfied…with the best of everything (including your finer examples of word-play). Participants will attend a guided tour of highlights from the UMFA’s collection of European art, followed by a tasting of six European wines with a discussion of the connections between the palette and the palate. As part of the gallery tour, the UMFA will be showing some “special treasures that have never been on public view,” an intriguing proposition for those that might already be well-acquainted with the UMFA’s collection. Call 801.587.5433 to register; tuition is $64 for the general public, and $61 for members.

UMFA, 410 Campus Center Drive, 6-8PM.Topography, The Leonardo

If Europe doesn’t appeal to you, but you’re still in the mood for metaphorical adventures, the Leonardo is offering Topography, a series of classes that will take you on an artistic journey through the concept of “place”. As part of the class, you’ll chart your own course toward a final art piece, while embarking on a guided tour of your own place in the universe with topics like The Celestial Grid: Stories from Above, Maps as Stories: Charting Interior Landscapes with Language, and Tracking Self: Photo Documenting Place Using Social Media. Cost is $120 to non-members, $100 to members, and covers five classes on successive Thursdays. To register, call 801.531.9800 ext. 201.

The Leonardo, 209 East 500 South, 6:45PM.

Update: The Topography classes are being rescheduled. If interested, call to pre-register for the rescheduled date.


Friday April 6

Brenda Hattingh of Sugartown Alley. Copyright Tim Candelaria.For those with a taste for the fruit borne of the cross-pollination that occurs between  the local visual arts and local music scenes, this week’s event at the Hive Gallery, Photography: By Tim Candelaria, A Celebration of Local Musicians, will be an exciting treat. From live performances to promo shots, local photographer Candelaria has documented the evolution of great local bands. If your local-indie-hipster cred is a little lacking and you didn’t know about them way-back-when, this Friday you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the performances of an assortment of local groups. And with the wish-you-had-been-there backstories provided by Candelaria’s photographs, you’ll feel like you’ve been listening to them from the beginning.

Events is free; set includes:

Christian Colman

Marv Hamilton 6:40-7:20

14th Ward 7:25-7:40 

Melody & Tyler 7:45-8:30

14th Ward 8:35-8:45

SugarTown 8:50-9:30

Morrow Hill 9:40-10:20

Dustbloom 10:30-11:10

Unclescam 11:20 – the end

 The Hive Gallery, Trolley Square, 600 South 700 East, 6-11:30PM.


Let Them Eat Cupcakes, Elizabeth TobiasUMOCA’s First Friday event is also this week; it features the opening of Let Them Eat Cupcakes (aka The Cupcake Project) by artist Elizabeth Tobias. A multidisciplinary artist, Tobias’s piece combines performance, community outreach and installation art. Tobias is in town for one night only, and yes, cupcakes will be served, but these treats are even less guilt-free than before. As the project is meant to explore “the not so sweet truth about the growing hunger epidemic in America,” Tobias will satisfy your sweet-tooth, but promises only to whet your hunger for social justice: in exchange for sugary goodness, you’ll be asked to fill out an index card with an idea or memory about hunger, which will join the contributions from LA, Boston and other cities within the installation.

UMOCA, 20 South West Temple, 8-10PM.

This article was originally published on April 2, 2012.