Aquarium Age

Aquarium Age: September 28-October 3, 2022

By Ralfee Finn

As I write, I am praying for practical wisdom and guidance from the planets about how to handle the many storms that are raging all around—and I’m not talking about the hurricanes predicted to disrupt the lives of so many of our fellow travelers. The storms I’m focusing on are political, economic, and cultural; to name but a few—the war in Ukraine, the rise of the right wing in European countries, the likelihood of Trump selling state secrets, Republican plans to put election deniers in key positions of power, the falling stock market, the failing UK pound, and all of the local and personal storms set in motion by the larger global ones. It’s a mess, but it’s been a mess for so long that it almost feels normal to be trying to live in the midst of such turmoil. And the turmoil will continue for quite some time.

We’re still in the throes of Mercury Retrograde, which lasts until October 2, so only five more days and we are done. Mercury’s next retrograde is December 29 – January 18, 2023, and it collides with Mars Retrograde, which begins on October 30 and persists until January 12, 2023. If you’re making travel plans for the holidays, try to make them between October 5 and 27. There are no guarantees that you won’t experience travel hassles, but at least you will have tried to avoid them. Forewarned is always better prepared.

This week, moods might lean slightly towards pessimism as Jupiter, the planet of optimism, continues to oppose the Sun and Venus, stirring the desire to pretend things are better than they actually are. From an individual standpoint, it would be wise to make humility your constant companion; rather than truss things up to present a better appearance, try keepin’ it real. These days—post COVID days—very few of us expect anything to be in perfect shape or functioning smoothly.

From a collective perspective, humility is also the best way to handle the tension of this mostly benign opposition. Of course, lots of people in leadership positions will resist the simplicity of that advice, opting instead to keep up appearances in an effort to look strong.

The astral underpinning of all the happenings this week is the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square; while this square is not exact, it still operates with great force. Its energetic signature is the dissolution of the status quo, something we can witness in its collective application through the demonstrations in Iran, as young people rebel against rules and regulations; the election of Ms. Meloni in Italy, the country’s first far-right leader since Mussolini; and the Russian citizens who are fleeing their homeland to avoid being drafted into war with Ukraine. And who knows what else we will discover about the dissolution of order in the United States of America as the January 6 Committee reveals more of its findings this week. (On a side note, it still stuns me that those who report the news continue to be shocked by Mr. Trump’s behavior. Often it seems they still expect him to suddenly turn presidential and honor his responsibilities, and just as often they are shocked and surprised that he opts for himself and his own self-interests. He has never embraced what might be good for the country. Why does anyone still think he might?)

We are also under the influence of a Mars/Saturn trine, a strong interaction that radiates a militant attitude. Many may use this strident configuration to hold tightly to their positions; they may also experience this trine as a call to battle. Don’t be bamboozled by those talking of war or talking you into taking a stand you might later regret. This trine will end by October 13 and until then it can be used positively to get things—almost anything—done. It signifies the determination to work as hard as necessary to achieve goals.

As the world roils around us, it would be wise to remember that we are all in this boiling cauldron together. There is no separation in our global world and we share the suffering of others even if we are not near the tumult or participants in the turmoil. And yet, many of us are experiencing our own version of that turmoil—relationship, finance, and career issues are likely to be overwhelming during times like these. And that doesn’t include the racial, gender, or class issues we are dealing with. I know I don’t have to say we are living in interesting times, but we are. We are in the midst of a revolutionary force that is literally sweeping away much of what has been our local and global reality. What we create as the new paradigm is dependent upon how we handle our current situations. Yes, it is uncertain. Yes, again, many of the pressing problems cannot be solved easily or quickly. So be sure to breathe deeply through this process and remember to be kind to your fellow travelers. We need to acknowledge the best in ourselves and in each other even when that is difficult to do.

Sun Bursts:  If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
Be determined to be a peacemaker by looking for positive solutions that benefit everyone. I realize this might be a difficult process given just how much polarization of every ilk has been dividing social interactions, but it is well worth the effort to plant your feet on the side of unity and compassion.

Taurus April 20-May 20
Your hard work will yield positive results, especially if you stay focused on getting the job done. If you run into interference from partners or co-workers, figure out a way to get around these obstacles. Most importantly, try not to let those feelings stop you from moving forward.

Gemini May 21-June 21
If you’re clear about what you want to accomplish, you’ll be able to avoid the distractions generated by the tumult and turmoil of the world. I’m not suggesting you ignore those in need, but I am advising you to make your goals a priority. Help where and when you can but also honor your need to help yourself.

Cancer June 22-July 22
Your participation in the external world calls you to service, but so do your responsibilities at home; it won’t be easy finding a balance. Whether it is family, friends, pets, or property in need of attention, do what you can to help out. Then you can devote yourself to helping others beyond your personal sphere weather any situation that requires help.

Leo July 23-August 22
There’s a lot happening and you need help handling it all. Use this week to mend fences but also to forge new alliances, all of which will prove beneficial as you emerge from Mercury Retrograde. Yes, this sounds contradictory, but I am not suggesting starting anything new. I’m advising you to review what you need.

Virgo August 23-September 22
Your work plate is full but there is plenty of support to help you manage it all. Do your best to organize your priorities so you can tackle things in order of their importance. Don’t be tentative about asserting your authority—you are the person who knows what’s needed and that makes you the best person to lead.

Libra September 23-October 22
Yes, life is challenging right at this moment, but two things are important to remember. First, it’s difficult for lots of us; second, it is not impossible to handle all the challenges gracefully and skillfully. If you are determined to hold onto a good attitude, you’ll engender goodwill and that could blossom into help where and when needed.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
This week offers an opportunity to practice mindfulness at a deep level, especially if you’re committed to maintaining a balanced attitude toward all the upheaval that seems to be happening around you, whether that tumult is personal or simply the fallout from the collective turmoil. Hold fast to your spiritual path and you’ll do fine.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
If you’re serious about clearing up misunderstandings, this is the moment to have a conversation or conversations with significant others about persistent problems that always seem to evade solutions. Take your time, avoid accusations, and be sure to be honest—there’s no need to embellish; just stick to the facts.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
You’re under a lot of stress and a major contributor to the tension is the need to divide your time between career responsibilities and your personal obligations. One is not more important than the other, but figuring out how to balance both areas can be quite strenuous. There is no need to hurry this process. Simply take your time.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
If you don’t have a good friend to process with, pick up a pen and paper and let out everything you are feeling. You’re not writing for a prize; you’re writing for self-awareness and there is no need to be afraid of criticism, not even your own. Let your stream of consciousness flow and you will discover a new emotional depth.

Pisces February 19-March 20
Look at your financial situation and make a plan to improve how you handle your assets—be sure to include everything from loans to savings to credit cards to a monthly or weekly budget. You may not stick to it and you may not even make a plan, but at the end of this process you will be aware and in touch in a new and conscious way.

This article was originally published on September 28, 2022.