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Aquarium Age: September 19-25

By Ralfee Finn

Presence is key to navigating the unpredictable astral tides this week. We’re still in the retrograde-free zone of the year, and while that unobstructed flow has for the most part been beneficial, the force of forward motion can also be overwhelming. (This assessment has nothing to do with the floods that many people are experiencing in the southern United States and around the globe.) The autumnal equinox on September 22, when the Sun moves into Libra, marks the end of our summer of discontent, but the consequences of what the last several months have set in motion persist, and finding wholesome ways of negotiating positive resolution to those problems is the task at hand. Families are still separated, children are still in cages, corruption at almost every level of the Trump regime still undermines government structures that support democracy, and the divide between our worst and best selves, individual and collective, continues to inflame daily life. When things fall apart great transformation is possible, but only if we are willing to seize the moment and make it so.

The best way through these waves is developing and maintaining the ability to stay present for what is—not denying, not fixing, but paying attention to how the collective picture reflects the personal one. What’s also required is honesty—honesty about what you want and need as well as honesty about what others want and need, and finding a way to acknowledge those desires without causing harm to those who disagree. The day-to-day flux of life is so erratic that what’s also necessary is the willingness to let go of the emotional, mental, and even spiritual desire for specific outcomes. This letting go is likely to be the greatest challenge, especially in the current atmosphere of fear and unrest. It’s not easy to acknowledge that there may be a solution other than yours that would benefit you as well as others. I’m not suggesting passivity. Quite the contrary; I am advising participation with an awareness that we are still in the process of creating the future, and what may look like a viable solution in this moment may not be viable a year from now.

We’re currently crossing the threshold of several new astrological cycles. The first began on May 15, with Uranus’ transit through Taurus, and these last few months have provided a preview of several possible manifestations within this cycle. We’re also building toward a Pluto/Saturn conjunction on January 12, 2020, merely fifteen months away. Both of these cycles were covered briefly in last week’s column.

The next significant cycle is a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020, at 0° Aquarius. Sandwiched between the events of January and December, there are also three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions. I forgot to mention these three contacts last week (can’t imagine why), which means we’re dealing with five new cycles as we head into 2020: the cycle of Uranus through Taurus, happening now and for the next seven years; Pluto/Saturn, Pluto/Jupiter, and Saturn/Jupiter, all of which begin in 2020; and the United States Pluto Return, which occurs three times in 2022.

Ancient astronomers believed that Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions signaled the beginning of new regimes. (Pluto/Saturn cycles are similarly interpreted these days, but don’t forget Pluto was unknown prior to the last century.) Both planets were understood to embody societal trends. When Jupiter and Saturn formed a conjunction, as they do every twenty years, astrologers looked not only to what Sign they were sharing, but also to the Element in which they were occurring. That shift of Elements—Fire, Earth, Air, and Water—occurs approximately every 200 years—and when it does, a new epoch is said to begin. The coming conjunction shifts the next cycle into Air Signs, which is understood as an epoch of ideas. This shift was presaged by a triple Saturn/Jupiter conjunction, in Libra, that occurred between December 31, 1980 and July 1981. Triple conjunctions are quite rare, which makes looking back on those years to see what was set in motion is a good way to decipher what lies ahead. For a complete table of these conjunctions and an excellent explanation of how the cycles shift, see:

The three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions that occur during 2020 speak to power issues, coupled with large societal shifts that are political, economic, and cultural. No matter how the 2018 midterms or the events of 2019 play out, 2020 will unfold with gigantic waves of change, and many of those waves will find their enduring momentum through the Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions. Pluto signifies the process of transformation, with an emphasis on what has to die before what’s new can be born. Of course, we are already in that process, but the patriarchy has long, sticky fingers that just won’t let go easily, even if they know their time is over. Jupiter represents the principle of social harmony and justice and when it transits Capricorn, those characteristics form the basis of a mission to actualize ideals, which means we can anticipate increased efforts to establish a new social order. Although capitalism seems to be alive and well, it’s not likely it will be able to sustain its vitality in a world growing increasingly divided through the exploitation of its resources.

Given the intensity of the new cycles in 2020, the United States Pluto Return in 2022 is certain to be a game-changer, which is why I am calling that Pluto Return the American Revolution 2.0. More about that in next week’s column.

As you move through the coming weeks, try to keep in mind the magnitude of the astrological thresholds we are currently moving through. We are at the beginning of several significant cycles, which also means we’re at the end of several old ones. Thresholds are liminal locations that allow a multidimensional view of reality—something we need right now and going forward. But thresholds can also be chaotic because they are where change is actually taking place. In the midst of change, personal or collective, it’s largely impossible to know what the outcome will be, and in the midst of that ambiguity, which can be quite discombobulating and disconcerting, lots of us struggle to hold onto anything identifiable—anything that can help us find our orientation in time and space.

This is where we are now: There is no certainty about where we are headed, “no direction known,” as Bob Dylan once wrote, and as reality crumbles, even if we are hopeful about the outcome, it still feels as if the ground beneath our feet will never be solid again. This is the power of transformation and it can be terrifying. But that doesn’t mean we are powerless before all that has to change. Each of us plays a role in determining the outcome, as we co-create our shared reality through every thought, word, and deed. Make your role count.

Sun Bursts: If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
All the astral events of 2020, with the exception of the transit of Uranus, take place in your Solar House of career, which means even if you are planning on retiring, you’re going to be really busy. One of the keys to your success is choosing good, wholesome partners who can help you build a reliable team. Another key is cultivating the type of patience that will allow you to enjoy the process, not just the outcome.

Taurus April 20-May 20
You might think the challenge is about finding your balance and maintaining it, but Uranus isn’t going to settle down anytime soon. And because all the events of 2020 happen in the Solar House where you search for truth, you might find yourself swinging wildly to extremes as you search for answers. Rather than fret about this process, embrace it—it’s not easy for a fixed Earth Sign to stay fluid, but you can do it—and do it with grace.

Gemini May 21-June 21
All of the significant astral events of 2020 occur in your Solar House of transformation, which is certain to be unsettling but in the long run also quite gratifying, especially if you allow yourself to explore new modes and methods of personal growth. I’m not suggesting you have to give up what already works for you, but I am advising that you rely on your innate curiosity and search for new techniques to enhance your personal growth.

Cancer June 22-July 22
2020 is a significant relationship year for you, given that all the astro events take place in your Solar House of partnership, so whether it’s personal or professional relationships, be prepared for lots of shifts. This doesn’t necessarily mean a divorce or a wedding, but it does mean that you are starting an entirely new pattern. Focus on what you would like to change about your relationship patterns and then get to work now so you are ahead of the wave.

Leo July 23-August 22
The astral events of 2020 take place in your Solar House of work, service, and health, and while I recognize that covers a lot of territory, it wouldn’t hurt to concentrate on all of those areas. If you’re taking on additional work, you might want to insure it’s in keeping with your notion of being of service. And if you want to be of service, you might want to maintain your health so that nothing interferes with your work—it’s a loop and it’s all connected.

Virgo August 23-September 22
The planetary alignments of 2020 line up in your Solar House of creativity, inviting you to express yourself without hesitation. It’s not often there’s such a clear indication of what to do next, but whatever you decide to do, don’t be afraid to make mistakes—that’s how most of us learn what works and what doesn’t. Take your show on the road for a trial run, work out the kinks, and then get ready to experience the joy of just being you.

Libra September 23-October 22
All the significant events of 2020 take place in your Solar House of the home—the deepest position in the chart, which means you can expect that your need to create a peaceful place to live—internally as well as externally—will guide the narrative:  Where do you want to live? What’s essential to your environment? Who’s family? Who isn’t? Explore these questions and you’ll be prepared for a deepening self-awareness that creates stability.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
The significant astral events of 2020 all occur in your Solar House of intimacy, so whether it’s close friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, or the person you see daily on the train, you can anticipate lots of contact and conversation about lots of subjects. You can also expect those dialogues to have a bone-forming effect in the form of frustration, surprise, and reconsideration based on new information that’s based in reality. Don’t miss this opportunity to dig deep.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
All the astral activity of 2020 occurs in your Solar House of resources, which translates into a reorganization of your personal finances and a chance to stabilize your money matters by putting structures in place that will allow you to feel more in charge of your situation. I’m not saying these configurations will solve all your problems; I’m simply saying the presence of all these planets could help you to right your ship and keep it on course.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
I don’t need to tell you about what’s coming—you can already feel it, as these planets start to line up in your Solar House of personality. But what I can tell you is this: these astral events offer the promise of increased clarity of mind and purpose, galvanizing you into action with a new confidence in yourself and your abilities. Yes, you will have to face the challenge of wanting to hold onto your old ways, but once you let go, you’ll discover an entirely new universe of choices about how you want to live.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
The planetary alignments of 2020 take place in your Solar House of the unconscious, a position that requires you to listen closely to what your intuition is trying to tell you. These messages might come through dreams, mediation, mediums, clairvoyants, therapists, astrologers, or seemingly quite accidently through conversations with strangers. It might be a good idea to start practicing now so you will be prepared as this phase unfolds.

Pisces February 19-March 20
The 2020 planetary lineup happens in your Solar House of community, so it might be best to prepare for increased participation in the projects and plans that interest you. This alignment might also inspire a return to school so you can be a credentialed expert in your field and thus more confident that your opinions will be received and given the consideration they deserve. However, you don’t need a degree to be heard—you just need to be passionate.

This article was originally published on September 19, 2018.