Aquarium Age

Aquarium Age: March 10-16, 2021

By Ralfee Finn

Welcome to the Saturn/Uranus square and its power to dismantle atrophied systems that can no longer be carried forward into the future. We’re in the midst of an unfolding collapse of so much at once that it’s simply overwhelming to think of all that needs to change—so many systems in dire need of reform and replacement. The Earth continues adjusting its tilt, perhaps in the hope of surviving and transforming the damage done by our collective ignorance, while those still clinging to the status quo refuse to adapt and are instead devoting their efforts to perpetuating an increasingly crazy amalgam of ideas that defy reason.

Unfortunately, those who cling to the weirdest ideas are trying to justify their behavior via these outrageous theories, but in reality are only revealing their ignorance. Couple that willful ignorance with the opportunistic cynicism—actually, nihilism—of politicians hell-bent on winning the favor of Trump’s base and you get the mess we’re in. Oh… and of course premeditated lies are the motivating force behind their manipulations and no one has the conscience or courage to tell the truth.

We are in a crisis of values, signified by the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square, which is inviting us (in some cases, forcing us) to examine what we value and why. There are three exact squares over the course of 2021. The first was on February 17, the second is on June 14, and the third occurs on December 24. But because of the retrograde pattern of both Saturn and Uranus, the intensity of the first square lingers through the second, amplifying its effect through mid-July. While it is possible to see this Saturn/Uranus square as an indication of economic destabilization (and I’m not sure it isn’t), what’s clear in this moment as well as from the beginning of Uranus’ transit through Taurus, is that everything that occurs under this influence is always going to create a crisis of values.

Uranus began its transit of Taurus in 2018, retrograding back into Aries and then making its final entrée into Taurus in March 2019. It shifts into Gemini in 2025, and until then we are learning the value of being spirits in the material world—this is the deepest truth of this transit. If you aren’t certain about why that’s so, take some time to contemplate just how creative human beings can be when they are expressing spirit without hesitation.

Saturn began its transit through Aquarius on March 21, 2020, fully entered it on December 17, and stays there until its move into Pisces in 2023. Saturn signifies the bones of things and wants stable structures; the status quo is created to protect those structures. Aquarius represents innovation and while co-ruled by Saturn, its modern Ruler is Uranus, the symbol of rebellion and invention. As Uranus pushes against that Saturnian stability, any structure that isn’t built on solid ground is going to shake until someone pays attention and provides the needed remedy—this is true for the individual as well as the collective.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how people can lie so effectively. Some friends have suggested that these people—the liars—believe what they are saying, so it doesn’t feel like a lie; it’s simply their truth. I disagree. The Hawleys, Cruzes, McConnells, and McCarthys of our world know they are lying. And it doesn’t bother them because they don’t believe in anything other than their hunger for power—a persistent group of Hungry Ghosts, still hanging on Trump’s coattails, still supporting egregious behavior. When there is no external, transcendent force that you measure yourself against (for atheists that higher ground is often a moral imperative), humility is impossible because you see yourself as the sole source of power. Therein lies the danger: when you stand for nothing greater than yourself, you can lie about anything and everything.

But don’t let the bastards wear you down. The times they are a-changin’, and the structures that support our lives will eventually yield to change. This is our purpose—to grow.

There are no Sun Bursts this week. They will be back next week.

This article was originally published on March 10, 2021.