Aquarium Age

Aquarium Age: June 20 – 25, 2019

By Ralfee Finn

You need to know the true from the false this week—it’s one of the few ways to avoid getting sucked into the quicksand that’s continuing to disrupt daily routines. Unfortunately, hanging onto even a semblance of reality won’t be easy; fact and fiction are blending into even more of a hodge-podge of narratives and most of them are motivated by manipulation, political or personal, rather than actual information. All of us are bombarded daily by false information and in the midst of all that spin, it’s all too easy to spin out of control. One of the few ways to stay tethered to reality is through a firm commitment to stay true to yourself, even if that means getting some help—counseling, therapy, acupuncture, extra yoga classes, or increased meditation. You’ll also need to stay aligned with the essentials of kindness and respect for all your fellow travelers—we’re all in this together and no matter what our differences, we all need each other.

Two sources inflame this week’s fascination with truthiness:

(1) Today, the Moon in Capricorn transits the ongoing Saturn/Pluto conjunction as it simultaneously opposes Mars in Cancer, as Mars continues to oppose Saturn and Pluto. It’s already a pernicious mess and the Moon is certain to fuel even more emotional volatility. The negative combination of Mars, Saturn, and Pluto inclines toward cruel behavior—physical, psychological, mental, and even spiritual—if only as a defense mechanism against enemies, real or not. And when you add the Moon to the mix, the whole package becomes a huge emotional projection screen. The best way through is to avoid acting out—no harsh stands aimed at those less able or capable. Right at this moment, it’s not all that easy to stay focused and that lack of concentration could cause mistakes, so cut your co-workers some slack and give family, friends, and even strangers a break. Also avoid punishing your pets.

Tomorrow, June 20, Mars separates out of its exact opposition to Pluto, and as it pulls away, lots of tensions are going to let loose. Some of those releases are likely to be quite intense, so if you feel like you are going to blow, take a deep breath, make sure you’re ready to handle the nuclear fallout—this is Pluto after all—and then state your case or take your stand. Just try not to point too many judgmental fingers at others as a way of coping with your stress.

(2) We’re also in the midst of the full-on Jupiter/Neptune square, which was exact on Sunday, June 16, and continues to separate for the next two weeks. (For those new to astrology, when a “hard” aspect separates from a square, conjunction, or opposition, we tend to feel the brunt of its effect.) Jupiter symbolizes expansion and exaggeration; Neptune signifies imagination and deception; and when these two Tricksters clash through the fractious energy of a square, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction—everyone has a story they’re sticking to, even if that story is factually inaccurate, fabricated by wishful thinking, or worse, created to obscure the truth by whatever means.

Neptune Retrograde begins on June 21. Jupiter is already retrograde, and as their retrospectives travel in tandem, recent history becomes revisionist.  Mr. Trump and his Gang of Hungry Ghosts thrive in this atmosphere, so anticipate even more lies heaped upon spin and more spin heaped upon lies. But also be careful about your need to embellish the mundane day-to-day facts. Under a Jupiter/Neptune square, making up stories about what happened on the way to the supermarket will only have a negative effect that is likely to bite you in the ass later on—no one is exempt from this influence, so be careful what you set in motion.

The week is a roller coaster ride of intense emotions that have pretty much reached their maximum load, so try not to unload on the innocent or unsuspecting. Be especially careful about how you relate to children—they are picking up on all of these energies and very few of them, if any, can name the intensity let alone know how to handle it. Remember, kindness and compassion are keys to successfully navigating this next phase.

Sun Bursts: If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
The last few weeks have been a long haul and the next several weeks aren’t any easier, which means you’re still performing great feats of magic by simply being patient. To stay on the field you’ll need your stamina and strength, so continue to take care of yourself and get as much rest as possible—you need to stay present for the shenanigans that lie ahead.

Taurus April 20-May 20.
Hold your lamp high enough to light the way for you and those you love, and don’t worry about what you can’t see—so much is still in motion that anything you encounter might be a mirage. The best way through is to simply put one foot in front of the other and take life one day at a time. I know that sounds like a cliché—and it is—but it is also truth worth applying.

Gemini May 21-June 21
Be truthful with yourself about your financial situation. Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of money matters, from zero to millions, what’s required for this next step is an honest assessment of your finances. Yes, you’ve been here before but that doesn’t mean you still don’t have work to do. Make the planets your partners and use this time to be realistic.

Cancer June 22-July 22
Partners say one thing while friends say another, but only you know the truth of your heart. It’s essential to be honest about what you are really feeling—not what you want to feel or wish you felt, but what really matters about your current relationships and what doesn’t. And while this may look as if it is about others, it’s fundamentally about your relationship with yourself.

Leo July 23-August 22
It’s far too easy to project your disappointment in yourself onto others, so rather than go down that hall of mirrors and risk getting lost in all sorts of distortions, be determined to find a way to examine your themes of self-esteem without making comparisons. This is not an easy process, but you have the strength to be true to your highest standards.

Virgo August 23-September 22
There’s no need to be secretive about your creative process, so rather than be afraid or wary that someone is going to steal your idea, be confident that you can hold onto your creative impulses and bring them to life. I’m not suggesting that you give your ideas away; I’m advising you to own your creativity without hesitation—it’s your particular point of view and it only belongs to you.

Libra September 23-October 22
The old ways are dying and the process of letting go is uncomfortable—you haven’t quite created what’s next and the gap is disconcerting. Some of the deconstruction may actually be happening in your physical home, but most of it is occurring deep within. Be patient with yourself as you work through this psychological process. Most importantly, be honest about what you need.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
The planets continue to dial up the same issues, and while you’re getting tired of having the same conversation about what matters most and what is truly irrelevant, if you can put aside your frustration and listen closely to what’s being said, you will gain greater insight into the true basis of this ongoing argument. You don’t have to agree; you just need to suspend judgment.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
Read Gemini, above, and add this: While it seems easy to dismiss the financial concerns of partners, personal or professional, it’s not so easy to dismiss your own concerns that you may not have enough money to guarantee stability. Pay attention to your concerns, but be honest about what you actually need to be happy—be realistic and you might surprise yourself with what truly matters.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
Honest conversations with partners, personal or professional, could turn into full-scale confrontations, so if you find yourself engaging in battle and you don’t want it to escalate, try to turn down the anger by remembering the places you actually agree. There’s no need to surrender; there’s simply a need to be honest about whether your differences are worth losing a significant other.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
Be your own authority, but also be aware that no one has all the answers and that acknowledging the need for help isn’t admitting weakness. Quite the contrary; asking for advice is an act of strength. If you honestly assess the limitation of your knowledge, you can gather information from a variety of sources, which helps to build a solid foundation with a wide range of resources.

Pisces February 19-March 20
Humor has the power to clear a path toward greater self-awareness, especially if you’re listening to stories others are telling about you. Some of these narratives reveal how friends see you, and some of those perspectives are actually projections. Find the funny in these assumptions even as you look for any nuggets of truth. Laughter will deflect negativity and protect you from disappointment.

This article was originally published on June 19, 2019.