Aquarium Age

Aquarium Age: July 8 – 14, 2020

By Ralfee Finn

Even in the midst of madness it’s possible to find clarity—so whatever it is that’s muddled or confusing, don’t give up. It won’t be easy clearing a path through the assumptions, presumptions, and opinions that seem to obscure our ability, individual and collective, to stick to the facts. Critical thinking is still available to most of us, especially if we’re willing to take the time to reason through what has become the obstacle course of daily life. I won’t list all the areas of life that have turned upside down—we all know too well what they are and not all of them are healthy or positive. Nevertheless, we still have to work our way through the upheaval, not just because that’s what we do, but because if we want to make the most of this momentous time, we need the long view. Only a big-picture approach will make a lasting difference. So before you devolve into despair or spend too much time grousing about the way things should be, put on your multidimensional antennae and start moving into an expansive worldview that recognizes and accepts the reality of the moment; then strive to transform that reality for the greater good. So much suffering is caused by a linear perception of reality that’s driven by ego, greed, and fear, all of which are driven by the illusion that we are separate from each other. We are only at the beginning of a huge personal and planetary transformation, and despite the dislocation and disorientation of these shifts, this is an incredibly creative moment and we need to know that to move forward confidently.

This week, the Sun in Cancer begins an opposition to the ongoing Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The Moon has been keeping our attention on the pernicious Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto aggregation in Capricorn (Saturn just moved back into Capricorn), and continues to do so. Twice monthly, the Moon conjuncts or opposes that assembly of planets, and there are so many tentacles to be aware of that it’s simply overwhelming. Remember that the essence of this planetary formation in Capricorn is the deconstruction of governments, of political and financial systems that no longer serve, and then (over time) with the reconstruction—really, rebirth—of more authentic systems that actually do serve. Again, there’s no need for me to list them; it’s all on the front page of the newspaper—any newspaper. Cancer is the Sign that emphasizes issues of safety and security, so as the Sun continues its opposition to that Capricorn aggregation from now until the end of July, safety and security take on a new poignancy. Of course this emphasis is expected, given that Republicans seem determined to make sure that the relief given to the neediest among us expires at the end of the month and will not be renewed.

We are in the second week of Mars in Aries, and I’m wondering how you’re liking it so far? The sheer strength and force of Mars is amplified by its transit through Aries, its Home Sign, and that super-strength is certain to be felt as a militaristic attitude toward almost everything. Pay attention: there’s no need to bark commands at anyone, especially at those you love, most importantly children, who are simply trying to cope with intensities they don’t understand. Also, try not to kick the dog or any other being less powerful than you. Get a punching bag or do the ugly dish-smash dance to relieve your frustration. Figure out a strategy for handling this Martian intensity because it is with us until January 2021.

The good news—and there’s always some good news, even if it’s just a smidgen—is that Mercury Retrograde is over on July 12, early in the morning at 4:26 AM EDT. Yay—only four more days to go and Internet connections will once again be reliable—well… at least most of them.

Our current collective madness has exposed just how many of our fellow travelers need a helping hand and reassurance that it is possible to make it through these waves. Our mad King George—Mr. Trump—has done an excellent job of fomenting revolution by catalyzing people into an awareness of how dire things are for so many. COVID-19 exposed and continues to expose Mr. Trump’s cruelty, but now in light of the danger we are in from a virus we can’t control, in part because of his inability to grasp the seriousness of the crisis, his cruelty is impossible to ignore or deny. It’s up to each of us to counter his cruelty and conceit with positive actions intended to put our country and our planet back on course through personal and collective transformational work. Don’t hesitate to reach out to those in need of help anyway you can. We are all in this together, and together we will right Spaceship Earth and care for all her inhabitants.

Sun Bursts:  If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
As always, it’s important to show up and stay present for what is unfolding, but the trick is remaining unattached to the outcome. Put simply, daily life has become a trust exercise that requires you to trust in yourself—and also to trust that the situation will unfold in its own time with the best possible results.

Taurus April 20-May 20.
Before taking action, take a moment to contemplate what is being reflected back to you through the actions of others—positively or negatively. After you’ve identified the forces at play, make your decision based on that wisdom. You won’t miss your moment if you think before you leap.

Gemini May 21-June 21
You can wield your Martian power as a sword or you can enlist Venus, direct in your Sign, to cut through the obstacles with her charm and wit like a hot knife through butter. I don’t know about you, but I would rely on Venus—you catch a lot more flies with honey, if you get my drift.

Cancer June 22-July 22
As Bradley Cooper’s character, Jackson Maine, sang in A Star Is Born, “Maybe it’s time to let the old ways die”—advice you might want to consider because it will make navigating the next many weeks easier. Life is never going to be as it was, so surrender the need for the old normal and instead, find a new one.

Leo July 23-August 22
It’s not that you’re simply rebelling against authority, because you aren’t. You’re looking to embody a new standard of leadership that focuses on leading by example. It’s not easy to walk your talk, but if you make a consistent effort, others will notice and follow your example.

Virgo August 23-September 22
I know you are determined to change—and kudos for that intention—but you don’t need to hide how deep that desire is, especially from loved ones who only want the best for you. Be proud of your resolve to transform and your efforts will set an example for others to follow.

Libra September 23-October 22
Truly powerful people acknowledge their limitations. While I know that idea challenges the New Age wisdom, truly powerful people know what they can’t do and rather than force the river, they find others who can help them. You’re in a relationship quandary—find help tackling this next phase.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
Be true to your passion, or as Joseph Campbell once advised, follow your bliss. Even if you can’t make what you love your day job, don’t hesitate to devote every extra hour to what makes your heart sing. This is not frivolous advice because the best way through the intensity is maintaining a happy heart.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
You may not think of yourself as a guiding light, but your innate enthusiasm often blazes a trail that invites others to follow suit, so don’t hold back even if moving forward feels daunting—and is daunting. The point is to not let the bastards wear you down. Be true to yourself and you’ll be fine.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
Watching Hamilton, I thought of you as the cast sang “the world turned upside down.” That’s certainly what has happened to all of us, but you’ve felt all the shifts quite keenly. So take a deep breath, acknowledge how far you’ve come, and get used to upside down as the new normal.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
I often advise people who are experiencing emotional turmoil to wear their heart on their sleeve—it’s just easier to handle intense feelings if you’re upfront about it. You may not get your way or satisfy your heart’s desire, but honesty is its own accomplishment and it helps the heart to heal.

Pisces February 19-March 20
Your instinct is still to hunker down at home and that’s what all the health professionals would advise. But you’re also feeling the desire to put your finances in order, which usually translates into hard work. Perhaps you can telecommute and satisfy both urges—staying safe while making money.

This article was originally published on July 8, 2020.