Aquarium Age

The Aquarium Age: July 12-18

By Ralfee Finn

“May you live in interesting times” goes the curse we always thought was from ancient China but now (thanks to Google) we know isn’t. Yet there couldn’t be a more apt sentiment to describe these days and nights here on Planet Earth where each day normal is replaced by chaos and regular routines routinely evaporate—Ivanka Trump at G20, for example. But this week I’m proposing an edit to that old adage: “May you live in extraordinary times.” Not just because we are, but also because it’s essential to realize just how exceptional daily reality is. No one needs an astrologer to point this out, but astrology is actually a most useful tool for times like these. As the I-Ching advises in Duration, Hexagram 32: Heavenly bodies exemplify duration. They move in their fixed orbits, and because of this their light-giving power endures. These enduring fixed orbits allow us to identify repetitive planetary patterns and with that recognition, find a sense of order in the midst of chaos. And order is a must if you want to prevent madness from taking its toll.

Here’s this week’s organized chaos:

We’re in the shadow of the August 21, 2017, solar eclipse, now called the American Eclipse because it travels the entire span of the contiguous United States. (Some have even dubbed it the Great American Eclipse.) Eclipses always reveal previously hidden information, and even though I’ve asked this next question a trillion times, I’m asking it again: How much more could possibly be revealed? And, of course, the answer is more, maybe even a lot more about the Trump regime, especially as the eclipse shadow deepens, bringing more hidden information to light. Because the leader or president of a country is also a symbol for that nation, it’s significant to note that the exact degree of this eclipse occurs at Mr. Trump’s ascendant and is well within range of his Mars—both of which have to do with public perception. And it seems that with each new day, positive public perception of the United States grows increasingly dim. No longer seen as an ideal nation or a nation of ideals, the rest of the world moves forward as the Trump machine vainly tries to turn back the hands of time.

At the moment of the solar eclipse, Uranus trines both the Sun and the Moon. Uranus symbolizes startling plot twists, and even though the last several months have delivered enough plot twists for a lifetime, we’re certain to see more. And we don’t have to wait until the actual eclipse for those surprises to emerge—the dynamic effect of an eclipse can kick in six weeks before and continue for six weeks after the event. Of course, one of the surprises could be that Mr. Trump’s election to the highest office in the land had nothing to do with Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election—actually, that would be quite a surprise. But to demonstrate how the eclipse shadow functions, on May 10, when shadow began, we learned that Mr. Trump had fired Mr. Comey on May 9. One week later, Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel for the Russia investigation. Whatever is now being uncovered is sure to be revealed under the influence of this eclipse. Remember, this is the same eclipse degree that finally revealed that President Clinton was lying about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, and even more important than what went on between them, the eclipse also signified the ensuing impeachment process.

But back to present time….

The final opposition between Jupiter and Uranus occurs on September 28, five weeks after the solar eclipse but still within the range of its effect. This last Jupiter/Uranus opposition puts a period at the end of a long and rambling “sentence” that began in December 2016 and manifested through a seesaw—no, make that a plethora—of reversals of fortune for the United States government and its people. So many of Trump’s cabinet appointments and their ideological inclinations have turned these reversals of fortune into shock waves, one after another, agitating the collective psychic pond, and affecting everyone on the planet, not just United States citizens.

But even though this is the last opposition in a series of three, the turmoil this final opposition sets in motion will linger for quite some time because it signals serious shifts in structures of the United States government, especially as those shifts are related to power and control. Both Jupiter and Uranus are in an exact square to the position Pluto occupies in the United States birth chart. Pluto signifies transformation and that transformation usually includes the death of what is no longer authentic and the eventual rebirth of what is true…or truer. But that birth doesn’t happen immediately. We are moving toward a United States Pluto return in 2022 and some would argue that we can already sense the effects of that return. This last opposition between Jupiter and Uranus punctuates the themes as well as the turmoil of that return, a return that’s likely to be characterized by a wide and diverse range of ideas and visions of a more perfect union. Do not think a coup to consolidate power is out of the question.

Hexagram 32 of the I-Ching elaborates on the enduring power of planetary patterns: The seasons of the year follow a fixed law of change and transformation, hence can produce effects that endure. So likewise, the dedicated man embodies an enduring meaning in his way of life, and thereby the world is formed. In that which gives things their duration, we can come to understand the nature of all beings in heaven and on earth.

This week and throughout the coming weeks, rise to the occasion of these extraordinary times, embody the enduring power of the planets, and simply be the best you can be. And while you’re at it, help others to also embody their best self. We need to be quite clear about what we hold to be self-evident.

Sun Bursts: If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that too.

Aries March 21-April 19
One of the most important life skills is figuring out how to train your mind to stay positive. The reason this discipline is so important is simple: Whatever we focus our attention on becomes our reality. So rather than concentrating your mental might on all that’s wrong, resume your gratitude practice and start acknowledging all the things that are right. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a positive attitude can shift your perspective.

Taurus April 20-May 20
Make time to contemplate how to better organize your finances. There are opportunities for you to create greater stability, but taking advantage of these openings requires having vital information at your fingertips. So whether it is creating a spending plan, working with Excel spreadsheets, opening a savings account, or even starting a piggy bank, don’t hesitate to do whatever is necessary to solidify your position—it will only help enhance your success in all areas.   

Gemini May 21-June 21
Be bold and grab the spotlight—actually, you don’t even need a spotlight because you are already radiating with an elegant intensity that draws people in and holds them there until you’re ready to move on. Yes…I know that sounds extreme, but it isn’t. Venus is currently in your Sign, and as the goddess of love and beauty amplifies your already dynamic personality, you simply glow with confidence and grace.

Cancer June 22-July 22
It’s difficult being as innately sensitive as you are—even hypersensitive—and unless you’re wearing that super deflecting armor, you just naturally pick up on the moods of everyone around you—spouses, co-workers, friends, kids, and even pets. The ability to sponge up all the feelings around you can be overwhelming, so don’t forget to put on your protective shield and resist the temptation to brood.

Leo July 23-August 22
Some quiet time will do you good, especially given the recent hustle and bustle of plans and projects. And while you do love to socialize, you also have a tendency to overextend. I’m not suggesting you isolate—not by a long shot. But I am advising you to figure out how to create greater balance between work and play. Sometimes saying no is the wisest choice, and paying attention to the need for alone time is likely to yield positive results in several significant areas.

Virgo August 23-September 22
Take a moment and contemplate how you define power—especially personal power. Many people tend to think of power as the ability to control their environment, coupled with the ability to move freely and easily through life. A few think of power as a way to control the agency of others. Consider the notion that truly powerful people—people who are comfortable in their skin regardless of their bank balance—know what they can and cannot accomplish.

Libra September 23-October 22
Sometimes we have to shed the oppressive mask of the happy face and just admit to feeling miserable. Yes…pretense has its place in the rule book of good manners, but putting up a strong front can have unforeseen negative consequences—stress takes its toll. And while being authentic often feels dangerous, particularly when you are trying to maintain a delicate balance, the truth will always set you free. It may not be pleasant, but it will be liberating.

Scorpio October 23-November 21
You are on the verge—and you can feel it—but on the verge of what I am not quite sure. You’ve been working for a while on balancing quite a number of desires and plans and needs and wants—all of which are worthwhile, and the ones that aren’t are disappearing on their own. Important thresholds always feel as if there is no turning back—and there might not be. But what’s important is the willingness and courage to walk through this opening into something new.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21
Oh, how you can overextend and make it look so good. But now and then those indulgences catch up with you, and when they do, a break from those gorgeous Jupiterian excesses is a must. Spend as much time as necessary resting and replenishing your reserves. Actually…mother yourself: Devote time and energy to good food, lots of rest, and hunkering down at home with a good book or binge-watching a great show. Self-care will work wonders for the spirit.

Capricorn December 22-January 19
Relationships aren’t easy, and I’m not just talking about your relationship with a spouse or an intimate friend. I’m referring to your partnership with yourself—knowing what you need and honoring your commitment to getting those needs met. I know you don’t want to appear selfish, but if you honestly assess your behavior, you’re likely to see that selfish isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Don’t be afraid of your true colors—they are brilliant.

Aquarius January 20-February 18
You are definitely thinking about relationships, and with good reason, but before you go too far down a path of self-doubt, take a deep breath and remember that a partnership with another person doesn’t have to be scary—and it’s supposed to be fun. Whether it is romantic or platonic or even a business interaction, keep an optimistic attitude. Jean-Paul Sartre may have said, “Hell is other people,” but that doesn’t mean he was right!

Pisces February 19-March 20
There is a potent current of positive energy that you can ride to the completion of several tasks, but you have to be clear about what it is you want to accomplish. Prioritize your goals, make a realistic schedule about what you can and can’t accomplish, and then just keep working toward the finish line. Some of your goals are long term and will take time to come to fruition. But don’t let that deter you from working hard and using this moment to initiate a plan.

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This article was originally published on July 13, 2017.